So, you recently bought a new ranch-style home, and you finally have that backyard you always dreamed of. However, the previous owners never got around to putting in a fence. So now you don’t have a fence and have trouble keeping your kids and pets inside your yard. It’s time you should look into putting up a split rail fence.

A split rail fence is a kind of fencing in which timber logs are split into rails. Splitting the log, long ways, like a pizza, creates awood_split_rail-300x200.jpg distinctive and rustic look, which is not just functional but also makes your yard unique. It is a surefire way to jazz up your property in an exclusive way.

Split rail fences are cut from pine or cedar. This is because they are very easy to cut. Locust wood is very hard but is very hard on the machinery. Long ago, these kinds of fences were made from American Chestnut. However, they cannot be used any longer after they became extinct due to chestnut blight. Thankfully, time has proven that pine and cedar are beautiful woods. It can complement almost any kind of landscape. So a split rail fence just might be what your backyard or front lawn is missing.

One potential downside of a split rail fences is that in a lot of split rail designs, there are big openings between the rails. This provides enough space for a small child or animal to go through it. If this is true for your fence’s design, it’s a good idea to add an expanded or welded wire fencing layer. This will protect your loved ones and pets within your yard. It’s a good way to secure your yard without affecting the look of your graceful split rail fence.

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Even though a split rail fence doesn’t provide a high level of privacy like some other types of fences might, it still functions as a barrier for discouraging thieves. Add to that the secure layer of wire fencing and you can be satisfied by the privacy and protection. While you probably have an electronic security system in place, it’s better to also have a fence.

A big advantage of split rail fences is that they’re relatively simple to build, in most any location. It all starts with either a 9 or 11-foot long log that is cut multiple times until the rails left are of a usable size. The rails overlap inside each post (6 inches each side) so the post holes are on 10 or 8ft centers, depending on the rail length. No need for nails or fasteners as the paddle ends of the rails wedge into the post.

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In addition to a ranch-style home, the split rail fence also fits nicely in a typical suburban home. All in all, it is a simple fencing solution that will beautify and secure your house. If you have any questions about split rail fences, feel free to contact Fence Supply Online for more information.