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Setting the mood with some subtle deck lighting can be great fun. You know that you want the deck and surrounding area to look inviting at night. Installing the right lighting is vital for getting that right mood. When choosing your lighting, always go for a bit of subtly in the design.

At Fence Supply Online we stock a wide range of lighting options. Some are not so subtle, and you will need to use them too. For setting the subtle mood we have the perfect choices, and your only problem will be making the correct one for your deck.

If you are planning to entertain the family, the neighbors, or maybe a special friend, we are here to help. Our team of experts put their heads together recently to make a list of suggestions. There was a lot of discussion, but they eventually came up with a fine set of options. We made that into a shorter one and put together a few of the best ideas.

To install subtle deck lighting to set the mood you should:

  • Choose the right decorative lamp
  • Deck post cap lighting is very subtle
  • Stair lighting can be inviting

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Choose the right decorative lamp

There is nothing quite like a decorative lamp to set a subtle mood. Our range of solar-powered deck lighting and LED options are very cheap to run and easy to install. Choose the right decorative lamp, and you are well on the way to success.

Take a look at the Titan Deck Light, which gives out a warm white glow from its LEDs. Very subtle and very welcoming to guests. The Aurora Sirius is easy to fit, and the frosted glass gives a lovely shade to the LEDs. The copper-plated Prestige solar lamp is very stylish runs directly from the energy of the sun.

Placing the right decorative lamp at spots around the deck fence will undoubtedly enhance the subtle mood.

Deck post cap lighting is very subtle

Many of our clients love the effects of deck post cap lighting. It is such a simple way to introduce the right mood, and the subtle lighting only adds to your garden area.

Deck post cap lighting is effortless to install. All you need to do is fit the post cap adapter over the top of the fence post. The fence post cap light clicks into the adapter and begins to charge immediately. You will have subtle lighting by the time the sun goes down.

A string of lights around the deck, with a decorative lamp in each corner, is a very subtle scheme.

Stair lighting can be inviting

If you want guests to make their way to the deck, then you need to invite them on board. If you have seniors or people with eyesight difficulties as guests, you will need to make sure they have safe access to the deck too.

Stair lighting is the solution to any of these problems. It fits easily and perfectly to the deck stairs, illuminating the steps and making access safe. You can also install handrail lighting to enhance safety.

The stair lighting sets a very subtle mood to the deck. It makes guests feel welcome and invites them up to enjoy your company.

Match the deck lighting with that of the stairs, and you have a winning combination.

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