3 rail fence

 3- or 4-rail Vinyl Fencing, Which Should I choose?

Should I choose 3 rails or 4 rails for my fence? Question: I'm planning to fence my horses' pasture and would like your advice on whether to use a three rail vinyl fence vs. a four-rail vinyl fence. Which do you recommend and why? Darlene. ~(From Horses & Horsemanship column, July 2009 issue of [...]

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What’s The Best Fence For Coastal Areas?

5 Tips For Removing Old Fencing

Choosing the best fence for a coastal area is an important decision. The fence will need to handle high wind, salt air, and maybe even severe storms during hurricane season. All in all, the fence on a coastal area needs to be a tough cookie. At Fence Supply Online we get asked by clients [...]

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Why Vinyl Ranch Rail Fences Are Better Than Wood

Tan 4 rail vinyl horse fence

Are vinyl ranch rails the way to go? Are they really much better than wood? Can vinyl do the same job as wood rails on a ranch? These are popular questions from clients, and we hear them more and more each day. At Fence Supply Online we know how good vinyl ranch rails can [...]

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A Fence With A View-Fence Designs That Don’t Obstruct Your View

It is possible to install an elegant fence that does not obstruct your view. We all know the needs of a fence. It can give you privacy, security, and protect the garden from a constant wind. A fence can also hide that ugly building down the street, which you do not want to see [...]

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Pressure Treated Versus Cedar for Your Split Rail Fence

3 rail cedar split rail fence

Is pressure treated better than cedar on a split rail fence? We get asked the question a lot, and it is probably one of those subjects we could debate for years. The one subject, however, which is not up for debate is the split rail fence. Everyone can agree that it is an elegant [...]

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Preventing Discoloration to Your Wood Fence

recycle wood fence

Pickle @ Morguefile Discoloration of a wood fence can be a problem. Often it can be due to low-quality wood, which suffers badly from weathering. Other times it may be because of poor maintenance. If you do not care for your wooden fence from the first year, then it will suffer from [...]

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Types of Split Rail Fencing

Split Rail Fence

Split rail is a beautiful style of fencing to have on your boundary. Take a drive around any American rural neighborhood, and you will see a split rail fence bordering the fields and homes. The style of fence dates from the earliest days of settlers, and the tradition worked its way down the generations. [...]

Caring For Cedar Split Rail Fences

Cedar split rail fence

The cedar split rail fence is a classic, traditional American style of fencing. Cedar split rail fences are popular along property borders and when enclosing pastures. It is a very safe option for keeping horses and livestock. We have many urban clients who love using the beautiful fence around the back yard. With the [...]

The Wrong Applications For A Barbed Wire Fence

barbed wire gets pulled and climbed by vines causing it to fail

A barbed wire fence can cause many problems. The obvious one is how an animal or child can get caught in the sharp barbs. Often there is not any need for one in the first place, and indeed it can be dangerous in the wrong location. In many states and districts, there are local [...]

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