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3 rail fence

The Process Of How A Vinyl Fence Is Made

Vinyl Fence

The styles available, the colors, and the durability of a vinyl fence make it a popular product at Fence Supply Online. “How do they make this stuff?” one customer asked recently and the honest answer from the sales team was: ‘I’m not so sure, but I’ll find out for you.’ [...]

Building A Fence – These Are The Terms You Need To Know

Black stain on a board fence

Do you get blinded by technology? It happens all the time, and I get a bit confused when my kids talk about the latest gadget. Fence building is an old art and people have been closing off their land for centuries. A lot of fence building terms come from the many years of fence [...]

How To Build A Split Rail Fence

mortise cedar ends

A split rail is a very traditional fence on American properties. It involves skills which early settlers used when fencing their land, and it is an easy fence to build. When you know how-to, of course. At Fence Supply Online we often get asked about building split-rail fences as they are a favorite product [...]

How Stain & Seal Experts Fence Stains Prolong Your Fence’s Life

Black stain on a board fence

Any useful tips for giving the fence a longer life? It is a common question at Fence Supply Online.  We have plenty of answers too,  as we know our customers need help in keeping their fence looking as good as day one. Moisture from rain, sleet, snow and ice is a big enemy of [...]

How To Make Your Wooden Fence Safer For Kids

making a wood fence last longer

Family homeowners love wooden fences. The traditional wooden fence looks great running around the property and who can fault a wooden picket fence in the front garden? A wooden fence speaks of happy childhoods and of having fun in the backyard. Kids though find ways of breaking things. All that rough and tumble can [...]

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Install Wood Fencing?

3 rail cedar split rail fence

Wood is a very traditional fencing product, and for some, it is the only fence to have on the property. At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions about installing wood fencing and the best time of year to do so. The wood fencing needs a lot of attention, especially in the [...]

What’s The Most Durable Fencing For Ranchers?

What's The Most Durable Fencing For Ranchers

The vision of the west hasn’t changed for over a hundred years.  The sweeping fields of a majestic ranch skirted by wooden fences. The image is great but every rancher knows that all that fencing has to be built and constantly maintained. Fencing is one of the biggest expenses in a rancher’s budget. It [...]

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The Benefits of 3 Rail Post and Rail Vinyl Fencing

3 rail vinyl

Post and rail fencing has been used for a very long time. It plays an important role in livestock operations and is also an eye-catching fence style for use around the home. In the past, wood was the only option when it came to post and rail fence construction, but that is no longer [...]

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Should You Choose 3 or 4 Rail Post and Rail Vinyl Fencing?

four rail vinyl fence

Post and rail fencing is beautiful. It creates the country look that you desire for your property, and it can be useful, as well. However, you have options when it comes to the configuration of your fence. For instance, should you choose three rail or four rail post and rail vinyl fencing? Ultimately, what’s [...]

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Why Vinyl Fencing is the Best Decision for You!

vinyl fence

Why Vinyl Fencing is a Smart Option! When you think of vinyl fencing what do you think of?  Do you buy into the idea that since vinyl is a type of plastic fencing that its quality drops?  This idea could not be further from the truth.  Vinyl fencing can provide the same beauty as [...]

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