The Most Common Mistakes Made When Building A Fence

wind damaged fence

Mistakes happen when building a fence. It is one of those facts of life that are difficult to deny. What is not so difficult is avoiding the common mistakes, the ones you would not make if you stop and think a bit. At Fence Supply Online we do not get asked a lot about [...]

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Preparing To Install A Fence

Installing a fence is a gratifying way to spend the weekend. Looking at the finished fence will have you smiling, while you to show off to friends and neighbors. If you get it wrong, however, the evidence is there for all to see. A falling-down fence looks terrible and can be difficult to set [...]

5 Mistakes DIY Installers Make With Fence Posts

vinyl post

DIY is a great way to put your skills to work. Doing it yourself can also be a terrific way of making mistakes and costing you money. Many DIY installs fail due to simple errors and fence posts are a big problem area. It doesn’t have to be so and five mistakes DIY installers [...]

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