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Make Your Deck Safe and Beautiful With Lighted Post Caps

Lighted post caps do wonders to a deck. Do you have a deck? Maybe you are planning to install one this spring? Do you want to make the deck safe and beautiful? If you are answering yes to these questions, then we have the solutions. At Fence Supply Online we stock lighting to make [...]

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Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your Post Caps With Standard Vinyl Caps

Post caps are essential for your fence. Not only do they finish the look of the fence, but they offer vital protection to wooden posts. Without caps the posts would be vulnerable to rot, termites and weather problems. For vinyl fences they add the finishing touch to the project. “What about the post caps?” [...]

The Best Post Caps For Different Types of Fencing

vinyl caps for fences

“What are the best post caps for the new fencing?” asked one of our customers only last week. He had put in a new fence around his back yard and wanted it to look good when the neighbors came around for the barbecue. Post caps can make a fence. They are that finishing touch [...]

Choosing The Perfect Post Caps For Your Fence

How much thought did you put into choosing post caps for your fence? It may not be a question people ask every day, but the right post cap can make your fence. Some people neglect to add post caps when planning their fencing project. It is possible to add them later, so there is [...]

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