Simple Ways To Beautify Your Wooden Fence

Flowers on a fence

We all love our wooden fences. Whether it be a traditional picket, a round rail, or a split rail, nothing says America more than an excellent wooden fence. The wooden fence does not always need anything to beautify it, especially when on a ranch or any large property. On smaller properties, and on ones [...]

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Install Wood Fencing?

3 rail cedar split rail fence

Wood is a very traditional fencing product, and for some, it is the only fence to have on the property. At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions about installing wood fencing and the best time of year to do so. The wood fencing needs a lot of attention, especially in the [...]

Choosing Between Round Rail and Square Rail Wood

There are several factors that affect the durability of a residential or a farm fence. These include the material used, as well as the height and the shape of the posts.  The sturdiness of a fence depends on how firmly its posts are set into the ground. If you are [...]

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