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Repairing A Brick Fence – How To Match Mortar Colors

repair brick fence

Many of our clients have a brick fence on their property. Usually, it is an old property, and the customer inherited the brick fence from a previous owner. Of course, the brick fence may be a new addition too, closing off a patio or barbecue area by the home. When you are repairing the [...]

The Difference Between Fencing And Privacy Screens

Privacy fence options

Timtimes @ flickrCC BY 2.5 We all value our privacy but especially in our gardens and backyards. Our clients build privacy fences to keep the neighbors from looking at their homes. They also put up privacy screens around certain spots, just to create a little place of their own. Customers often build [...]

Why You Should Involve Your Neighbors When Getting Privacy Fencing

pressure treated wood fence

Love thy neighbor often comes to mind when you hear of people falling out along the block. It is not always easy to get along as you should with your neighbors and sometimes too, you may be at fault. Neighbors often fall out over fencing. It happens when it is too high, not appropriately [...]

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How To Build A Screening Fence

white vinyl privacy fence

A screening fence will do many jobs. You can screen off the pool and barbecue sections of the garden, giving you and the family privacy. It can also give you control of who goes in and out of the pool area. A screening fence will protect from the weather and help keep the yard [...]

6 Great Benefits Of Privacy Fencing

White vinyl privacy fence

Do you see a lot of privacy fencing when driving the kids through the neighborhood? Do you like the look of it but wonder is it for you? Privacy fencing is a very popular way of keeping your home out of public view and in keeping your family safe from [...]

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Vinyl Privacy Fence is Great for Secluding Your Yard

White vinyl privacy fence

We all want a little privacy in our backyards. A good way to do that is with a wood, metal or vinyl privacy fence. Although this type of fence was first introduced decades ago, it is still quite popular. Vinyl fence, in particular, has gained popularity recently. This is the [...]

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