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Recycled Vinyl

Can You Recycle Your Old Fence?

vinyl wall thickness

Yes, you can recycle your old fence. Not everyone is aware of how easy it can be to recycle your old fence, though plenty of people do it. There are many options, and if you have the time, there are some creative ways of doing the work. It is important to recycle as much [...]

2020-10-07T08:21:16-05:00October 9th, 2020|fence, fence repair, Fence replacing, Fence Supply, iron fence, recycle old fence, repurpose fencing materials|Comments Off on Can You Recycle Your Old Fence?

Comparing Virgin Vinyl to Recycled Vinyl

Vinyl fence in a curve

Thinking about building a fence around your home, or to surround your property? There are tons of choices out there. You could go with a wooden fence, for instance, or you could opt for metal. Both of those are very durable, but they can be costly. Vinyl fencing or PVC fencing is more affordable [...]

2018-07-27T18:12:43-05:00January 29th, 2018|Pvc Fence, Vinyl Fence|Comments Off on Comparing Virgin Vinyl to Recycled Vinyl
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