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round rail wood

5 Things To Consider When Buying Livestock Fencing

four rail vinyl fence

‘Don’t fence me in’ may be the song of the cowboy but not when you have livestock to control. Good livestock fencing will keep the cattle, horses and whatever else you stock, free from roaming. The quality of the fence is very important, as livestock will find the gap or [...]

Factors Influencing Round Rail Wood Cost

wood round-rail, 3 rail wood

Before you start building a fence on your property, it is wise to calculate the costs involved. Your fence installation budget depends on several factors, especially the kind of materials used and the number of posts required. In the following paragraphs we are going to discuss some of the most [...]

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Classic Round Rail Fencing

2 rail wood fence

For a distinct and classic look that’s tough to beat, it’s hard to compete with round-rail wood fencing. And for service and quality, consider getting yours from Fence Supply Online. Round-rail fences are made using only carefully treated southern yellow pine. And that’s because it’s the best wood available for [...]

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