Prevent Pests From Damaging Your Wood Fence

How do you prevent pests from damaging your wood fence? It is a good question and one that we hear all the time. At Fence Supply Online we like to get questions and even better we like when we can answer them too. Many pests will do damage to your wood fence. Even the [...]

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How To Stop Termites Chowing Down On Your Timber Fence

There is nothing termites like more than a good chow down on your timber fence. They will come from miles around to get stuck into all that delicious wood. Any wooden fence owner can tell you a termite story, about how they came for dinner in the back yard. Termites are a big problem [...]

How To Termite Proof Your Fence

Termites do a lot of damage to a wooden fence. They love getting into the wood and raising their families to do even more damage. Often you may not know you have a termite problem, until the fence breaks or splits along the rail or post. The termites eat from the inside out. Prevention [...]

Don’t Use This Timber Outside – Termites Love It

Those timber-loving termites could easily eat you out of house and home. Given the slightest of chances, they will burrow into your deck, fence posts and rails, leaving you with nothing but a stack of holes. There are a number of ways of dealing with termites and constant vigilance is the key to keeping [...]

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