Simple Wooden Fence Maintenance To Handle Before Summer

Wooden fence maintenance before the summer is vital. Remember that the wooden fence goes through all the worst of the winter weather. Exposure to wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and ice; the fence sees it all before the first sun of summer. The pressure it goes through will strain any maintenance from the fall. [...]

The Most Cost-Effective Way To Upgrade Wooden Fencing

pressure treated wood fence

Is it time to upgrade your wooden fencing? Does that wooden fencing look tired, in need of care and has definitely seen better days? If you are nodding in agreement, then you probably have an old wooden fence on the property. Many of our clients love their wooden fences and will not change, but [...]

6 Signs That You Should Replace Your Wooden Fence

Old Wood Fence

We often get calls and emails from customers saying “The old wooden fence out the back is looking a bit the worse for wear. What should I do?” Without seeing the fence, we cannot say for definite if they should knock or replace it. We do have a rough checklist to tick off, to [...]

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