Take a quick look around your deck.

The finished fence may look good, but there is an obvious gap at the rail ends, where the posts are, well, a bit unfinished. A decorative cap for the deck post will add a touch of style and something that bit different to your decking area. Even if you are only thinking about installing a deck, it is never too early to think about doing it right.

The following few questions may help you think a bit more about adding decorative deck caps to those bare spots:

  1. How Do Decorative Deck Caps Make A Difference?
  2. Can I Fit Them On An Existing Deck Post?
  3. Will The Kids Not Break Them Off?
  4. What Styles Are There For My Deck?

Let’s take a closer look at each question to find the answers to that deck problem.

How Do Decorative Deck Caps Make A Difference?

Have a look at the deck in your yard.

If you don’t have one, take a look over the fence at the neighbor’s deck.

See all those gaps where the fence meets the posts, but there is nothing to fill the space.

Those are the spots where a decorative deck cap will go.

The fence posts around the deck tend to look a bit bare without something on top of them.

The deck will look at lot better without those gaps and the caps will add an extra touch of style to your deck.

Can I Fit Them On An Existing Deck Post?

The quick answer is yes but it is even easier to fit those caps when installing a fence, so bear it in mind when putting up the deck or doing a refit.

To retrofit an existing deck post, you may need to order a supply of fence cap adapters.

We have them to fit every post type, so don’t worry.

You fit the adapter to the deck post and slot your choice of cap into it when in place.

They will fit seamlessly and securely.

Will The Kids Not Break Them Off?

Kids, you gotta love ‘em.

Without meaning any harm, they manage to break nearly everything around the home and yard.

Our decorative deck post caps do fit securely and soundly into place and are very difficult to break off.

If you do have kids, or grandkids, around the property it may be an idea to choose the flatter post caps as they don’t have much for the kids to grab onto when playing on the deck.

A benefit of the caps too is that they don’t have any sharp edges and they cover the corners and sharp edges around the top of the post, protecting the little ones’ heads when playing.

What Styles Are There For My Deck?

There is a style of decorative deck post cap to match any deck design.

Of course, if you choose the caps when putting up the fence, you will make the job easier.

The 5×5 Pyramid Post Cap adds a real touch of elegance to the deck and can fool the eye into thinking the fence is higher than it appears.

The 4×4 New England cap is a classic look and there is nothing for the kids to hang onto and break off when on the deck.

The 4×4 Gothic cap will look excellent on a neatly-kept deck and give you a feeling of security when laying out in the summer months.

If you want to add a touch of light for those late summer evenings on the deck, we have a range of solar deck caps.

They fit easily in place, there is no need to run extra, unsightly wiring and they get all their power from the sun.

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