You have plenty of fencing options when choosing a fence for your garden or commercial space.

There are times when wood may not be the best choice. Don’t panic though as the alternatives such as aluminum, iron, and vinyl are just as good.

‘When and why shouldn’t I choose a wood fence?’ I can hear you wood lovers ask.

The reasons why wood isn’t viable may not be obvious, but there a few worth noting. Any list of why you shouldn’t choose a wood fence would include at least a couple from these five items:

  1. When Maintenance Isn’t An Option
  2. When You Want Privacy
  3. When You Have Children
  4. When The Neighbors Have Vinyl
  5. When Security Is A Premium

Let’s take a closer look at each point to give you a better idea of when not to choose a wood fence.

When Maintenance Isn’t An Option

Do you want a fence that needs very little attention over the many years of its lifetime?

If the answer is yes, then you should not choose a wood fence.

Wood is susceptible to weather changes, damp, mildew, and termites.

You will need to treat wood regularly to preserve it through at least 20 years of being in place.

When maintenance isn’t an option, through age or work commitments, then you should not choose wood.

A low-maintenance material such as aluminum would be a better alternative.

When You Want Privacy

Traditional wood fences, such as a round rail or the picket fence, look great but they are not so good on privacy.

A solid vinyl privacy fence can reach the necessary heights and will keep unwelcome prying eyes away from your property.

It is difficult to climb a vinyl fence and take a peek over the top at what is happening beyond.

The vinyl privacy fence looks as good as wood and allows you to relax around the yard, without the neighbors seeing everything you and the family are doing.

When You Have Children

There are a few reasons children and wood fences do not get on.

A wood fence can splinter or crack, which can cut a child’s arm or leg when they are playing.

Children can climb over a wood fence too, which doesn’t help you when you want to keep them safe.

Aluminum or vinyl are more durable and will take the bash of a ball or the children’s go-kart, a lot better than a wood fence.

When Security Is A Premium

Wood is easy to cut with a saw or crack with a hammer.

A car or truck can push a panel over, or just smash it to the ground.

It is not so easy to break through an iron or aluminum fence and it will take a long time for the bad guys to cut through, without drawing attention to themselves.

The more robust materials can be off-putting and people will know not even to try breaking through, by taking a quick look.

white vinyl privacy fence

When The Neighbors Have Vinyl Or Aluminum

You shouldn’t always follow the neighbor’s example, but maybe with fencing, it is a good idea.

The street will look better if every home has the same or a similar fence along the front lawn.

Vinyl fencing can come in a range of different colors, so it would be easy for you to match or compliment the neighbor’s fence when you are erecting one in the front yard.

In some districts there may be rules and conditions on the type of fence you have facing the street, so always follow what the neighbors have in order to stay inside the local ordinance.

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