Rural fencing is what fencing is all about. It’s how you protect your livestock, stop horses from rambling, and how you can keep wildlife out of the back yard.

At Fence Supply Online we stock a big choice of fencing styles, designs, and materials for rural homeowners and ranchers. We know how important it is for clients that we supply the best of quality and that we can deliver the best of fencing to your property.

Over a morning coffee recently the experts were talking about rural fencing. They were listing the types, styles, and all the little extras you may need for the rural fence. One of the guys wrote down a lot of what we were talking about and it makes for interesting reading. The list became a sort of A to Z of rural fencing.

Our A to Z of rural fencing includes:

  • A is for animal fencing
  • C is for the clearing the land
  • D is for Draw It & Quote It
  • F is for Fence Supply Online
  • M is for maintenance
  • V is for the vinyl option
  • W is for wooden fences

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

A is for animal fencing

Every animal you keep needs protecting from danger.

A good fence will keep the animals under control and stop them from wandering away.

You can also protect the livestock from wildlife with the right fence.

Animal fencing comes in a range of styles and designs which are just right for your property.

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C is for clearing the land

Before you begin any rural fencing project, make sure you do all of the preparations.

Clearing the land along the line of the fence is the first step.

Get a map and mark out exactly where the fence will go.

Clear the line of rocks, debris, and undergrowth so you have a clear space to erect the fence.

D is for Draw It & Quote It

Draw It & Quote It is our software program to help you plan a fencing project.

You can use it to see how the fence will look and to get an idea of costs.

Use the software as part of the planning process.

When you can see the fence on the screen, it will be easier to get the project running.

F is for Fence Supply Online

We know all about rural fencing

At Fence Supply Online we supply the fencing and the accessories.

Our website offers value and service.

Take a look at what we do when planning your project.

M is for maintenance

Maintenance is the key to the long life of any fence.

Every rural landowner knows how important it is to care for their fence.

Always have a maintenance plan, regardless of the type of fence you have on the property.

Stick to the maintenance plan and keep your fence looking fresh throughout the year.

V is for the vinyl option

We know that many rural landowners would never consider vinyl.

The belief is changing, though and American-made vinyl is proving to be a popular choice.

The vinyl is robust, will not rot or attract termites, and maintenance is straightforward too.

Modern vinyl will not fade, buckle, chalk or crack under the intense summer sun.

W is for wooden fences

Traditional wooden fences are still very popular with rural landowners.

We have a range of styles that should match any taste.

Round rail, split rail, four rail or two-rail, the choice is yours.

Always use pressure-treated American wood on your project.

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