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Ornamental fencing adds character to the yard and garden.

The ornamental fencing is usually of iron or aluminum but vinyl fencing can also be part of a design scheme. Iron and aluminum fencing are high on security and add a solidity to the area. At Fence Supply Online we often see an ornamental fence which is in place for a long time and is in need of maintenance. In many places however the owner treasures their ornamental fence and though aged, still looks full of style and character.

Over our morning coffee recently the conversation came around to ornamental fencing. We get most of our business from vinyl and wooden fencing but still we find that ornamental iron and aluminum is popular with clients. The older experts had plenty of examples of ornamental fencing to a talk about and a list of favorites went down on paper.

Included on our list of examples of ornamental fencing are:

  • The Flat Top ornamental iron fence
  • Antique fencing is beautiful
  • The White House has a beautiful fence
  • Protect your fence with Puppy Panels
  • Ornamental add-ons make a difference

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The Flat Top ornamental iron fence

A big seller on our range is the Flat Top ornamental iron fence.

Manufactured from the best of American iron this fence will add style, security and a sense of permanence to your property.

The elegantly designed wrought iron fence comes with posts, caps, brackets and screws for you to install the fence with a willing crew.

The simple flat top of the fence contrasts with the pyramid fence post caps. When you put your hand on the fence you will feel the solidity in the construction.

Assembly is straight forward and you can follow this video for full instructions.

Antique ornamental fencing is beautiful

There are times when you just have to stand back and admire an ornamental iron fence.

The antique ones which you may see around civic buildings in our towns and cities remind you of when people took pride in their work.

The iron, though old and in place for many years, is still as strong as ever and protecting the building from harm

The next time you see one in place take the time to examine it fully. Look at the detail in the ornamental extras and how thought went into creating it.

If you are lucky enough to have one on your property give us a call and we can help you with the care and preservation of the fence.

The White House has a beautiful fence

When people think of the White House they only think of politics and who is in residence.

We usually overlook the stylish fence which surrounds the property and is part of protecting our President.

The tall White House fence is full of detail and while it keeps intruders out, it also adds to the elegance of the area.

As an example of ornamental fencing you could not get a better one than that around our President’s home.

Protect your fence with Puppy Panels

Do you have a new arrival who likes to run off? Puppies like to slip through the panels of a fence and make a break for freedom.

Our Puppy Panels fit easily to the ornamental fence and keep the dog safe from outside dangers.

Puppy Panels can also protect the fence. A puppy scratching at the base could scrape away the surface protecting the iron from the weather. This could happen at the base where you may not see it.

Installing Puppy Panels will keep the dog safe but will also protect the fence from  damage.

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