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Fence material for a warm weather climate needs to be durable. It will have to withstand the heat of the summer sun, the dry air which sucks the moisture from wood and damage from UV rays.

As we know only too well, a warm weather climate can mean a hot summer but a cold winter. Often the two seasons are extremes of each other. A fence suitable for the searing heat may also experience freezing cold.

A rancher called the Fence Supply Online offices recently. His fence was in place since before he took over the land. The time was coming when the rancher would need a new fence.

“My problem,” he said, “is these hot summers. I need a fence for the heat, but for the cold winters too, I suppose.”

“We have the perfect fence material for you,” was our reply, “vinyl fencing.”

The problem was our rancher needed a bit of convincing on the merits of vinyl fencing. He’s old school, and it is always wood with him. We explained the benefits of BLACKline vinyl fencing… now he’s expecting his first delivery this month.

Vinyl fencing is the best material for warm weather climates because:

  • BLACKline vinyl fencing doesn’t fade or chalk under the summer sun
  • It comes in a variety of styles
  • No worries on warm weather fencing buckling or warping
  • Low maintenance with suitable warm weather fencing

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

BLACKline vinyl fencing doesn’t fade or chalk under the summer sun

It was once a big problem with vinyl fencing, especially the black or another choice of colors.

The fence would look very elegant when going up in the spring. The sturdy vinyl would shine in the sun of those early months.

Come June and July though, the problems would begin to appear.

The shiny black would start to fade to grey or even a dark white in some cases. Chalking too was another problem.

BLACKline fencing does away with these faults. Their production processes manufacture black vinyl able to withstand direct heat above that of the sun’s rays.

It will not fade or chalk even on the hottest of summer days.

It comes in a variety of styles

On top of hearing about the strong colors, our rancher friend was delighted to hear about the different styles.

He thought vinyl fencing was only for privacy or picket fences.

BLACKline produces top-quality rail fences too, ideal for keeping horses and cattle under control.

The durability, strength, and ability to withstand impact make BLACKline vinyl fencing ideal for the ranch.

No worries on warm weather fencing buckling or warping

These were other concerns long associated with vinyl fencing.

During a hot summer, the picket or privacy fence in the garden would begin to buckle. Rails would warp too, weakening the structure after a couple of days of intense heat.

Modern vinyl fencing will not buckle or warp. The structure will stay secure and will not crack when the summer heat is at its height.

With strong colors that will not fade, along with rails and posts which will not buckle, you will get a long life with vinyl fencing.

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Low maintenance with suitable warm weather fencing

Did we mention the low maintenance?

It really is a significant benefit when your fence does not need much maintenance.

No need to stain or seal the vinyl fence. You do not need to paint it every year or spray it with insecticide. Termites have no interest, and mold will not grow.

With a vinyl fence you will need to clean it, and do an inspection once a year.

Otherwise, it is a very low-maintenance product.

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