5 Surprising Benefits Of A White Picket Fence

We all love the rustic look around our homes. If you live on a busy street or the edge of town, coming back to a homestead of your own is a real pleasure.

A fence can add that extra touch of the genuine rustic feel to your home, garden, and yard.

There are quite a few styles of fencing to help you get the look just right.

Questions about rustic fences are popular at Fence Supply Online. To help our clients we’ve put together a list of what we see are the best rustic-style fences for the home.

On the list of fencing styles to create the rustic look are:

  • The split rail fence is a good option
  • A picket fence appeals to all
  • Round rail fences come in all styles
  • Accessories make the fence
  • Grow vines, trees, and shrubs

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The split rail fence is a good option

A traditional split rail fence adds the rustic feel to any home or garden.

It may be a fencing option more associated with ranchers, but you can adapt it for your little space too.

Installation is very easy. The split rails slide into position in the predrilled post holes, and they don’t need nailing or screwing into place.

The look and feel of the wood turn the home property into a rustic ranch once the fence is in place.

A picket fence appeals to all

Who doesn’t love the white picket fence running around the country cottage, welcoming guests and keeping the family safe?

We see it in the movies or our favorite old-time TV shows, and it is the real rustic look.

A traditional picket fence comes in many styles, and they are easy to assemble from a flat-pack delivery.

Vinyl is proving to be popular with those looking to get the real rustic feel on their property. It comes in a variety of colors and is a very low maintenance fencing product.

You will not notice the difference between vinyl and wood, and neither will the neighbors.

Round rail fences come in all styles

The round rail fence is another popular fencing style for the rustic look seekers.

It is quick and easy to assemble on properties of all sizes.

Our southern yellow pine will withstand the worst of the weather in your area. With a good maintenance plan, it will stay looking good for many years.

The wood is beautiful to look at, and there is nothing better than standing with one foot on the rail while chatting to the neighbors.

A round rail fence will keep animals under control and protect your home too.

Accessories make the fence

Not everyone thinks of adding a few accessories to their fence, but a few ones here and there can make all the difference.

A well-positioned gate can be a welcoming entrance to your home.

Puppy panels attach to a rail or picket fence and will keep your dog safe in the garden area.

Solar-powered lamps and fence post caps can turn a simple fence into an eye-catching one. They are ideal for breaking up the look of a round rail or split rail fence.

Retro-fitting of lamps and caps is easy when you use our fence post cap adapters.

Grow vines, trees and shrubs

The fence will take on the rustic look and give that style to your home when you add a bit of greenery.

A well-positioned tree can grow into a dominant feature and complement the fence on your property.

The right shrubs will attract birds and other wildlife and give the feel of living in a rural area.

The color from a vine growing through the rustic fence will catch the eye of neighbors.

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