Fence Supply Online stocks Forney welding machines that are ideal for new users.

Not every welding machine is suitable for the new user, but we have ones for the experienced and not-so-experienced DIY people.

A client called only last week looking for someone to repair the steel fence on his property.

“Why not do it yourself?” said our expert, “we have the welding machine just perfect for the new user.”

“I never even thought of it,” was the reply.

Later over coffee, and after supplying the customer with his welding machine, the subject came up again. Everyone around the table had a favorite Forney welding machine, some for new users, while others would be for the more experienced welder. Someone produced a sheet of paper, and we wrote up our list of top picks.

Included on the list of best Forney welding machines for new users are:

  • The Forney Easy Weld 125
  • A Forney Easy Weld 140 for new users
  • Forney Easy Weld 100 Stick
  • The Forney 190 MIG welder

Let’s take a closer look at each welding machine to see which ones are best for the new users.

The Forney Easy Weld 125

The perfect starter welding machine and comes in at a very affordable price too.

The Forney Easy Weld 125 weighs in at just over 46lbs, which makes it light enough to move around the shop. You can also put it in the truck for jobs on the ranch. Think of welds to a broken fence rail or a gate coming off its hinges, and the Easy Weld 125 is the one for the job.

The machine does gasless/ flux-core welding only, which is an excellent system for learning.

The pack includes the welding machine, 8’ MIG gun, and ground clamp, as well as the chipping hammer and MIG wire.

A Forney Easy Weld 140 for new users

Another one for the first-timer but also it is suitable for the experienced welder with a few small jobs to do.

It is a portable machine that is suitable for the novice to learn their trade by doing some high-quality welding. The Forney Easy Weld 140 welds a plate thickness up to ¼” with 120volt input power. It does not require gas nor are there any foot pedals for welding control.

The Forney Easy Weld 140 comes with a 10’ MIG gun, but you can also do TIG welding with the right accessories.

Forney Easy Weld 100 Stick

Stick welding may not be for everyone, but once you master it you can see the benefits. We view it as the perfect introduction to welding.

The Forney Easy Weld 100 stick is ideal for the DIY enthusiast, the hobbyist, and for those small repair jobs. Weighing in at only 9.65lbs, you do not need to be a super-hero to carry this one. The stick welding is simple to learn, and this machine welds 16 gauge up to 5 / 16 “. It is also TIG capable though the TIG torch does not come with the pack.

The pack does include an 8’ electrode holder and an 8’ ground clamp.

The Forney 190 MIG welder

While this one is a step-up from the other new user options, it is still straightforward to use.

The Forney 190 MIG welder is not as portable, but it does have a solidity that will reassure the novice. It can do both MIG and Flux-cored welding which gives you options on the work possible with the machine. The plate thickness range is 24 gauge up to 3 / 8”.

This is a machine capable of doing ranch-repair, DIY jobs, and even automotive work and can help the novice learn the welding trade.

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