A latch is essential for keeping your gate closed. If you go to the trouble of investing in a gate, then also buy the best gate latches possible. You do not want your gate to swing open or not lock fully when you need it to be.

In most states now, a pool fence is mandatory. A gate for the pool fence is also mandatory, as is a secure latch. If you install a fence on your property for security reasons, make sure it is safe by adding top-quality gate accessories. Even if your gate is more decorative than anything else, a good latch will keep it closed. How are you going to keep the dog in if the gate doesn’t close properly?

At Fence Supply Online we know the problem of getting good decorative gate latches. We asked our experts to come up with a few examples of the top products worth considering. They gave us a long list, and we put the best ones in this post.

Included on the list of best gate latches is:

  • The nylon locking gate latch
  • How about the nylon locking one but with external entry?
  • A nylon magnetic pool gate latch set

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The nylon locking gate latch

A big mistake a lot of clients make is investing in a top-quality gate but an inferior lock. This is not true when you install the nylon locking gate latch.

Nylon will not rust, rot or deteriorate under extreme weather conditions. It has a lock mechanism on one side only, so it is very useful for gates facing off the property. When you hear the latch clicking into place behind you, then you know all is ok with the world.

An accessory like this one works well with iron and aluminum fences.

How about the nylon locking one but with external entry?

If you want the same quality level but need to access the area from outside, try this latch. The external entry feature allows you to install a latch that gives you greater control of the yard.

On one side, you have a thumb release while you have a gravity latch on the other side. You can use this latch on the right or left of the gate.

Being made of nylon you will not need to worry about it suffering  from the effects of sun, rain, or freezing conditions.

A nylon magnetic pool gate latch set

Pool fences, gates and locks are essential to keep your family safe during the summer months. Even during the cold times of the year, you will want to keep the pool area out of bounds. Falling into an empty pool can be as dangerous as falling into a full one.

The mechanism is suitable for taller fences, as pool fence gate locks are supposed to be out of reach for the younger kids. The easy-grip release makes for easy access for adults. It has an aluminum body and nylon components for durability.

Your pool will be safely locked away with this product.

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