“What are the best post caps for the new fencing?” asked one of our customers only last week.

He had put in a new fence around his back yard and wanted it to look good when the neighbors came around for the barbecue.

Post caps can make a fence. They are that finishing touch which you may not realize how good it is, until you see them in place.

At Fence Supply Online we stock a wide range of post caps, and it will surprise you the variety we have available.

Our team of experts put a list together of the post caps we have in stock.

Some of the best ones for differing types of fencing are:

  • Nail in place for 4” x 4” posts
  • Gothic for a different look
  • Horse fence post cap
  • Ornamental vinyl post cap
  • Post cap lighting is a great extra
  • Even a picket fence can have a post cap

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Nail in place for 4” x 4” posts

These are post caps which will never come off, at least not without a lot of effort.

The hole at the top of the post cap allows you to nail the cap into place.

This post cap fits 4” x 4” wooden posts and is easy to fix to the wood.

They are made of sturdy polyproline and will withstand the worst of winter weather and the summer sun.

Gothic for a different look

If you have a large fence on the property, one which is tall and covers a significant area of your yard, then a Gothic Vinyl Post Cap may suit.

The Gothic Vinyl Post Cap looks well on the tall posts, giving them an extra bit of style to catch the eye.

You order them to fit the size of the post you have in the yard.

If you want to make a statement, the gothic style post caps will do a good job of it.

Horse fence post caps

Horse owners will appreciate the difference a sturdy fence makes to the paddocks.

Adding a horse fence post cap will bring a touch of style to the project

You can get them in almond or in white, depending on your taste.

A fence can look bare without the post caps, so choose the right one for your project.

Ornamental vinyl post cap

Vinyl may not be to everyone’s choosing, and we have plenty of customers who will only have wood on their property.

Modern vinyl is long-lasting and surprises our clients when they see the range available.

The ornamental vinyl post cap can really finish a fence nicely.

The shape is unique and can add a bit of height to the post too.

Post cap lighting is a great extra

Not everyone considers fence post lighting when planning a project.

The lighting though is easy to attach to a post. You just fit the adapter and the lamp slots into it. Easy really.

Our solar post lighting gets its power from the sun.

There is not any need to run unsightly wires or install any outdoor power outlets.

Even a picket fence can have a post cap

There is not any need to ignore the post when assembling a picket fence on the property.

We have a range of subtle fence post caps which will work perfectly with a picket fence.

The Pyramid vinyl post cap is a perfect example.

When looking at our range, check out the sizes too, you will find the right cap for your post.

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