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“I don’t like the look of the new timber fence,” said one of our customers recently.

“Why’s that?” asked the expert dealing with Pete.

“The fence just looks too new, and I prefer when it ages a bit,” was Pete’s answer.

Making the new fence look old is something Fence Supply Online clients ask about a lot. A new one may not suit the décor of an old home and not everyone wants to have a shiny new fence outside. Also, if you are only replacing a few panels, the chances are that the new ones will stand out, and look out of place.

With this in mind, we came up with ideas for making the new look old. We team with Stain & Seal Experts so that we can supply their quality products for jobs like this one. Their range of stains does excellent work.

Over a morning coffee earlier this week the question of the best stains for making the new fence look old arose. Everyone had an opinion and we drew up a little list.

The best stains for making the new fence look old include the following:

  • Deck stain and sealer will do the job
  • Add age with a Semi-Transparent stain
  • The Transparent stain ages beautifully
  • Maintenance is vital for all wood products

Let’s take a closer look at each item on the list.

Deck stain and sealer will do the job

Stain & Seal Experts supply a deck stain and sealer, which can perfectly age the wooden deck.

If you add solar lighting and patio furniture, you will have a beautiful deck on which to relax. Think of those summer evenings with the sun going down and the kids having fun while you do the barbecue. It will also work on the fence, making the new look old and adding to the décor of the garden area.

The Stain & Seal Experts Deck Stain works on some hardwoods but is best on Western Red Cedar, treated pine and Redwood.

The ingredients are healthy for the environment and safe for your family to be around.

Add age with a semi-transparent stain

An easy to apply stain, which is perfect on older wood, as well as the new fence on the property.

A coat of the Stain & Seal Experts Semi-transparent stain will soak deep into the wood and won’t run or streak. It nourishes the wood from the inside out, creating a look to match your home. The sealer will protect the wood for many seasons, allowing it to age with grace.

The semi-transparent color lasts for years, and the wood will withstand heavy rain, sun and the ravages of time.

It can go on all wood types.

The transparent stain ages beautifully

When we ask customers: ‘why not try the transparent stain?’, they look a bit confused.

The great thing about a transparent stain is that it brings out the natural color of the wood. You will also clearly see the grain, which you cannot see well in younger timber.

A transparent stain works brilliantly with Western Red Cedar, treated pine, and almost all other types of timber.

The stain soaks deep into the wood, protecting the timber while also highlighting its natural beauty.

A transparent stain is easy to apply and protects against bad weather and UV light.

Maintenance is vital for all wood products

We say it to all of our customers, both new and old: ‘look after the wood.’

If you want a timber fence or deck to last, you need to stain and seal it.

We stock Stain & Seal products because we know the quality of their range.

They are friendly to the environment and will not streak, fade or flake.

You should apply Stain & Seal products to protect your investment.

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