“I think we will need vines to grow along the fence,” my wife said, standing back a bit.

We were just finishing putting up a fence in the back garden.

I knew she was still thinking of doing more even while I was admiring the work.

“That’s your department,” I said, laughing, as Lisa loves plants and landscaping.

The next few days Lisa went looking online, through her books and finally at the garden center.

At home this morning I’m watching as she unloads the car.

She has two vines to grow along the fence, one through the small partition we built in the middle garden and another to grow along the fence we are developing to cover off the oil storage tanks.

Lisa’s choice of vines, after much research, are:

  • Wisteria
  • Morning Glory
  • Climbing Hydrangea
  • Honeysuckle
  • Clematis

Let’s take a closer look at her picks to see how they might work perfectly along your fence too.


Not one for the chilly climate, so steer away from Wisteria if your soil and air stay cold for many months of the year.

Wisteria does give thick foliage and beautiful flowers when in full bloom.

It will very quickly cover a fence and add a touch of privacy to one facing a busy thoroughfare.

Wisteria is ideal for the part-time gardener as it does not take much looking after once you put it in the ground.

Be careful though, as it may take over if you don’t prune it regularly.

Morning Glory

Another fast-growing, flowering annual which will cover your fence and catch the eye of neighbors.

Morning Glory blooms from May to September in an array of colors such as deep blue, white, red and purple.

The vine is easy to care for and regular pruning will keep the vine in check.

Morning Glory is also easy to grow from seed and it will readily entwine itself on a fence of any size or shape.

The plant does prefer sun but will grow in partial shade areas too.

Climbing Hydrangea

A plant that will need a substantial fence to support it, as this thick vine can grow to great heights and weighs in at the top of the scale.

If you have the right fence for it, then the Climbing Hydrangea will pay you back handsomely.

The beautiful, delicate flowers add a subtle tone to the garden and the thick foliage will hide an unattractive fence or give you privacy from nosey neighbors.

The fragrance from the Climbing Hydrangea will fill the garden air throughout the summer and with careful pruning, the vine will stay under your control.


A personal favorite and I’m so happy Lisa picked Honeysuckle for the garden.

I love the beautiful scent that comes from the flowers during the nicest days of the year.

On a warm evening there is nothing better than sniffing the air full of the sweet perfume and for me, it makes for the perfect summer.

The flowers are gorgeous too and bloom in shades of pink and yellow.

The Honeysuckle takes well to a fence and will grow in, around and along a fence of any height.

If the soil is a problem around your fence, then the Honeysuckle will thrive in a container, but don’t forget to water it in the dry months.


Another firm favorite of many gardeners.

This sturdy vine will grow along any fence and over the garden shed, storage tanks and anything that stands in its way.

You can grow Clematis in containers if the soil is poor or the fence is in concrete.

They do like lots of sun, especially when it comes to flower blooming time, which is usually from spring to early fall.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Clematis is that it takes little care to get a fine one growing.

It certainly appeals to me.

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