You want to make the most of your outdoor living areas, and that means spending time with family and friends without passersby staring at you. Whether you need to block the view from the roadway, or you want to ensure that nosy neighbors can’t pry, vinyl privacy fencing is an ideal option. Actually, you have several different choices available when it comes to vinyl privacy fencing.

Solid Privacy

Solid Vinyl Privacy Fence 


The first option is the simplest and least decorative. Solid privacy fencing is exactly what it sounds like – fencing tall enough to block people trying to look over, and made with wide pickets installed side by side to create a solid wall.

French Gothic Cap

French Gothic Cap

Add a Decorative Rail

Want all the privacy you can get, but want it to look good at the same time? You can add a decorative rail to the top and bottom of your solid privacy fence. You won’t compromise privacy or security with this type of vinyl fencing, but it does add some eye-catching appeal and can tie in with your home’s existing aesthetic.

Lattice and Picket Style Tops

Vinyl Privacy Fencing 

Really want to up the ante when it comes to the style of your privacy fencing? You can choose a privacy fence with a decorative lattice at the top, or you can opt for a closed picket top. Both options provide good privacy, although the solid portions are a bit shorter than with other options. The latticework provides a unique aesthetic, while the closed picket top incorporates the classic, timeless style of a picket fence with your new vinyl privacy fence.

Get the Vinyl Fence Buyer’s Guide to know what qualities to look for. 

Which is right for you? First, determine just how much privacy you want or need, and then decide which style is best suited to your home. Don’t forget to consider the wide range of colors, wood-grain styles, and even textures on offer.