White vinyl privacy fence

“What are your best vinyl privacy fence ideas?” asked a client recently.

She caught us unawares. We are always handing out ideas of privacy fence designs but asking us for the best ones, now that was a challenge.

The problem is that a fence installation has to suit where it is going. You need to know the size of the area and the surrounding garden, as well as a few other factors. For us it was like asking how long is a piece of string? We told our customer this problem, but after asking a few questions, we gave her a design for her particular garden.

What we also did was to discuss ideas over a coffee. The team came up with a few good ones. Those ideas became this post, and hopefully, you will get something from it.

Our best vinyl privacy fence installation ideas are:

  • The full-length vinyl privacy for the home
  • A lattice design to bring in light
  • Vinyl privacy fence around the pool
  • Security-minded with a vinyl privacy
  • BLACKline vinyl privacy fence adds quality

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The full-length vinyl privacy for the home

Privacy around your yard and the general home area is a must for most people.

If you have nosey, noisy neighbors, then a vinyl privacy fence along the boundary may be the only option.

A full-length fence, we can go up to 6-foot high, will block out all that disturbance from next door.

In a windy area, the fence will do an excellent job of blocking out the cold breeze on a summer’s evening.

Check with the Homeowners Association before you build any fence. They may have rules you need to obey.

A lattice design will bring in light

A fear among many clients is that the vinyl privacy fence may block out the light.

It can easily happen, especially with the taller fences along a boundary.

At Fence Supply Online we offer products with a picket or lattice design along the top of the fence.

You will be getting the privacy you want, as well as plenty of light when the sun is shining. Also, it keeps a drying breeze blowing into the garden, which is essential for growth.

The design looks good too, taking away from the feel of the tall, blank privacy fence.

Vinyl privacy around the pool

Often you may want privacy around the pool area, but not in the rest of the garden.

In most districts a pool fence is mandatory, so why not put in a vinyl privacy fence around the swimming pool.

It need not be too high, so you can still keep an eye from the house on the kids. With a self-closing and locking gate, you will retain control of who goes in and out.

Vinyl pool fences will not rot, do not need much maintenance, and the material will not break under pressure.

Security-minded with a vinyl privacy fence

You will get excellent security with a vinyl privacy fence on your property.

Our commercial clients install them and are delighted with the job they do around their business buildings.

Vinyl is tough. The impact inhibitors make it very strong, and it is difficult to climb a vinyl privacy fence. It is also easy to keep clean, and maintenance costs are very low over the life of the fence

Installing a vinyl privacy fence is an excellent extra security measure.

BLACKline vinyl adds quality

There is something about a black fence on the property, which just adds quality to your home area.

We now offer BLACKline vinyl privacy fencing in a black which does not chalk nor fade under the UV rays of the sun.

Their fencing will not break, warp or buckle under the heat of a summer’s day.

If you want to add a touch of quality, consider the BLACKline vinyl fence.

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