Vinyl horse fencing is not as expensive as you may think, not by a long shot.

We surprise many clients when we tell them the cost and how much they may save in the long-term.

At Fence Supply Online, we know the love ranchers have for the traditional wood fence. We supply wood fences and like to talk about styles and designs. New products also get a mention, however.

3 rail PVC and vinyl fence

The vinyl horse fencing may be a new product, but it is also one of quality and value.

One of our clients listened to our expert tell them all about vinyl horse fencing.

“That’s all very well, Bob,” he said, “but how much will all that cost?”

It’s a usual question, and thankfully, we had a few answers ready.

When considering the cost of vinyl horse fencing, you should know that:

  • It costs less than you think
  • The long-term maintenance costs are very low
  • Vinyl horse fencing is a quality product
  • Installation costs are low too
  • Buying in bulk may save you money

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

It costs less than you think

We surprise people when we tell them the costs involved.

Yes, it is more expensive than the traditional wood style horse fencing.; this isn’t too surprising considering the manufacturing process involved.

However, you will get a top-quality product which will do as a good a job as wood.

We currently have an offer of 496 feet of USA-made vinyl horse fencing for $3885, including free delivery.

The pack includes posts, 3 or 4 rail fencing, caps and Fence Armor to protect the foot of each post.

Such offers make vinyl horse fencing a viable alternative.

The long-term maintenance costs are low

As with all fencing materials you have to consider the maintenance costs.

With wood, you will need to stain, seal, repair, and even paint the fence annually.

There are no such running costs with vinyl horse fencing.

Maintenance is very low, and so the costs are minimal. Think also of all that time you will save; time you can spend with the family or friends.

Fence maintenance is essential, and the less you have to do, the better it is for your wallet.

Vinyl horse fencing is a quality product

One of the reasons for low maintenance is that the quality is in the product.

All of our vinyl fencing products have impact inhibitors; a kick will not crack a rail. The UV inhibitors added at the factory will protect from the sun. This is a product designed to last.

The colors in our black vinyl fencing will not fade or chalk, and the fence will look as good as day one for its lifetime.

You will be buying a quality product, and the price you pay will reflect this too.

Installation costs are low too

If you are a DIY person, then you will enjoy installing a vinyl horse fence.

There is not much different than a standard wood fence, though you may need a few extra tools.

There is very little cutting and drilling nor any need for screwing on the project.

If you go with a professional contractor, you will find the prices are cost effective.

Average prices are about $35 – $40 per hour but always get a quote first.

Buying in bulk may save you money

Vinyl horse fencing comes in flat packs.

This makes it easy to deliver and to unload at your property.

Talk to your fence supply company and ask for a price on a bulk order.

The answer may make buying a vinyl horse fence even more attractive.

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