Tan 4 rail vinyl horse fence

A vinyl horse fence installation is a new concept to many of our clients.

We understand this, as wooden fences are a traditional favorite and we still sell a lot of the product.

The benefits of vinyl horse fencing are many. The quality of the vinyl is second to none. It will not crack under pressure, and the UV inhibitors give excellent protection during our hot summers. The new fencing products from BLACKline do not fade or chalk when the sun shines.

“How easy is it to install?” one of our long-time ranching clients asked, when one of our experts suggested they try it on a paddock fence replacement project.

“Could not be easier,” was the quick reply but to show the rancher, he asked our experts for some advice.

They came up with an excellent guide to installing a horse fence, and we liked it so much we put it into a post.

The ease of vinyl horse fence installation includes the following tips:

  • Map out the area as usual
  • The vinyl horse fence comes flat-packed
  • Dig the holes
  • Attach the panels as you go
  • Vinyl horse fence maintenance

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Map out the area as usual

When doing a new vinyl horse fence install along a boundary, you need to have a property map.

You do not want to install the fence on your neighbor’s property; it will strain relations.

Mark the area on your map, and also mark out the line of the fence on the soil where you will be working.

Work with the map during the install, to be safe.

The vinyl horse fence comes flat-packed

Before you begin installing, choose the right style for your ranch

We offer vinyl horse fence selections of two, three, and four rails. Try to match with your existing fences, so it will look good throughout the property.

The colors are easy to match too, as vinyl fencing now comes in a variety of shades.

When you make your choice then order in bulk. It will get you the best price and maybe free delivery too.

The delivery will come flat-packed, which takes up less room and makes it easy for you to store while installing the fence.

Dig the vinyl horse fence post holes

The great ease of a vinyl horse installation is how similar it is to any other project.

If you are a DIY person you will appreciate this aspect of the work.

You dig fence post holes as before, and insert the posts in concrete.

Assemble a line of them, as once you begin, the work progresses very quickly.

Attach the rails as you work

When you have a long line of fence posts in the ground, you can begin to attach the rails.

This could not be easier. The clip on the vinyl rail will slot directly into the notch on each post.

There is not any need for screwing, cutting, or gluing the vinyl fence. It just snaps together as you work.

If you do need to make any adjustments, we have the necessary tools for you to do the work.

Once you use them, you will see how easy it is to work with vinyl horse fencing.

Keep attaching the rails to the posts, and soon you will have an elegant fence on your ranch.

Vinyl horse fence maintenance

A big benefit of vinyl fencing is the low maintenance needs of the installation.

It will not crack, bend, or warp under pressure, nor will the colors fade over time.

A kick from a horse will not do any damage.

The maintenance costs on a vinyl horse fence are very low.

Low maintenance costs, a high-quality product, and easy installation…what could be better?

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