A gate makes the fence and picking the right one is crucial to the right finish for the project.

It amazes us at Fence Supply Online how so many people forget the gate for their fence.

One of our customers enclosed their yard without any access. Another one fenced off part of their property and was climbing over the four-rail when going for a walk.

In most states a gate to the rear of your home is mandatory. Emergency services require access; a critical point to bear in mind.

At Fence Supply Online we like to emphasize the look and quality of your gate. We believe strongly that a gate is the eye of the fence and due care should go into your choice.

With this in mind, we put together a post on fence gates and making the right choice for your home.

A guide to picking the right fence gate would include:

  • Have the gate match your home
  • Remember security is important
  • Different gate at the rear
  • Color and materials vary
  • Accessories will make the gate too

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Have the gate match your home

How often do you see an ordinary gate at the entrance to an elegant house and gardens?

It should not happen but it does, and the wrong gate will take away from the overall look of your home design.

A stylish gate may have a lattice or picket top, but will always match what surrounds it.

Clients like to include an arch to grow vines of the same color scheme as the house.

Think of how you want the final picture to look when choosing the gate.

It should complement the style of your home not distract from it.

Remember security is important

Of course, your gate also has a function to perform.

It should keep your home and garden secure, while also stopping kids and pets from escaping onto the street.

A gate should be self-closing and locking too, for that extra level of security. With a closed gate, you then control who enters and leaves the property.

A pool gate is vital too, and you need one to keep the area safe for the kids, and your peace of mind.

Different gate for the rear

Your gate at the front of the property needs to look good, as well as offer security.

The rear gate though is not visible to the public and may be of a different style to one at the front.

If you are using a privacy fence around the back yard, then a fine privacy style gate will fit the bill.

Remember that emergency services will require access via the rear gate, so it may need to be of specific dimensions.

A secure rear gate can help bring down insurance costs, so and tell the company when renewing a policy.

Color and materials vary

You do not need to match the gate and fence completely.

A bit of contrast in your garden and home design will be eye-catching.

A black vinyl gate will be durable and last through all the years of use by the family.

Vinyl now comes in a variety of styles and colors which can suit any style.

A wooden picket gate may look perfect with a vinyl fence, keeping the look and feel of the traditional wood on the property.

Mix and match can work perfectly well with your gates.

Accessories will make the gate too

When you have the gate in place, consider using a few accessories.

We offer a selection of solar-powered lamps which will light up the area.

Lighting acts as a security extra too, allowing you to see who’s coming through the gate.

Flowers, shrubs, and vines also offer a great way to add color to the gate area.

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