Tan Vinyl Privacy fence

A vinyl privacy fence is an excellent addition to a property. On top of the new look, it can also add security and that much sought-after privacy for your family.

There are different designs of privacy fence. It comes in a semi-private style, with lattice around the top border to allow in extra light. The full privacy fence gives top to bottom paneling for the full effect. All privacy styles come in differing heights, depending on where it is going.

We often get clients looking at vinyl fencing as an alternative to other materials. Vinyl can be more expensive, but its long-term maintenance costs can be very low. Depending on your budget, the installation cost of a vinyl privacy fence may prove to be the better option, over the lifetime of the fence.

We took some time to look at the installation cost of a vinyl privacy fence. For our clients to get a better idea of what to budget for, we put the results into this post.

These points cover what makes up the final installation cost of a vinyl privacy fence:

  • The cost of materials
  • Labor costs money too
  • Tools for the vinyl privacy fence work
  • Quality of the product
  • Long-term benefits

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The cost of materials

Yes, vinyl privacy fencing will cost more than a wood one.

The cost of production of vinyl is far higher than that of wood, and you will see this in the price you pay from a supplier.

Typically, vinyl privacy fencing comes in at around $40 per linear foot. The price may increase if you go for a different style or color to the fencing.

As always price differs around quality too. At Fence Supply Online, we believe the long-term benefit of quality outweighs any cheaper alternative.

Labor costs money too

If you are a DIY person then labor may not be an issue when it comes to costing a project.

However, many people may prefer a professional contractor on a vinyl privacy fence installation. We believe that vinyl fencing is simple to install, and there are videos on our website to help you.

If you do go for a professional contractor the extra costs could be between $35 -$40 per hour.

Typically a contractor will offer an overall price, labor, and material, which may suit your plans.

Tools for the vinyl privacy fence work

The tools for installing a vinyl privacy fence are the same as for a wooden one.

You will still need to dig the fence post holes, ensure the fence runs straight and maybe do a few adjustments here and there.

What you will need is a Vinyl Notching Tool and a Vinyl Rail Remover Tool, when working on your fence.

At Fence Supply Online we supply all tools, and we give significant price reductions with most large orders of vinyl privacy fencing.

Quality of the product

We sometimes get a caller saying something like ‘but I can get that for $10 less per foot down the road.”

This may well be true but are they comparing like with like on the vinyl privacy fencing?

Quality lasts, and lasts and lasts. Our BLACKline fencing is designed not to fade, chalk, buckle or warp under the extremes of the summer sun. You will appreciate that quality for many years.

All of our vinyl fencing is of the highest quality, and you will be buying a product designed to last over 20 years.

Long term benefits of vinyl privacy fencing

At Fence Supply Online we know the cost of vinyl fencing includes the long-term benefits.

The colors of the fencing will not fade. A vinyl fence will not crack or buckle under pressure.

Maintenance is minimal, and you will need to do very little over the lifetime of the product.

It may cost more initially, but you will save over its years of service.

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