playground fence

You have to get playground fencing right, from day one.

It prevents our kids from wandering away and keeps them safe from those who want to harm them. The standards and rules around playground fencing are strict. It should be tough, secure and safe to have on site.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of inquiries around school playground fencing. Some come from homeowners looking to protect a play area for their kids and friends. Schools and kindergartens are always looking for the latest improvements. Parks too want the best in fencing and seek the top products for their playgrounds.

It is a tricky topic, but one we know a lot about at Fence Supply Online. Over our morning coffee recently one of the inhouse experts wondered who knew the most about the subject. Ideas popped up and everyone had their say, and soon we got one of our lists together.

The latest in playground fencing includes:

  • High standards for playground fencing
  • Aluminum is an excellent option
  • Know the correct height and distances
  • Do not forget the gate
  • Maintenance is vital for playground fencing

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

High standards for playground fencing

Playgrounds are safe spaces for our kids to have fun.

For this reason the standards are very high for playground fencing. The fence will need to withstand impact from vehicles, as accidents can happen anytime.  The ASTM #F2049 standard sets out what is expected of the installation.

If you are installing a playground, you will need fencing.

Follow the guidelines, and you will not go wrong.

Aluminum is an excellent option

At Fence Supply Online we know the benefits of aluminum fencing.

It will not rust, rot, or suffer from the effects of the weather. Aluminum has a high impact inhibitor value and through it will bend, it does not snap like wood or vinyl. Another benefit of aluminum is that maintenance is low. Powder-coated aluminum will only need cleaning to keep it looking like new.

Aluminum will meet the standards of fencing for playgrounds.

You can use vinyl fencing within the playground to shield the different areas or to keep younger kids away from the older ones.

Vinyl comes in different styles, heights, and colors and will add style.

Know the correct height and distances

It is not enough to install a playground fence without it meeting the minimum heights and distances.

The fence will need to withstand impact from vehicles and should be a certain distance off the street.

Height is crucial as you do not want kids climbing over and running away. The gaps between the rails should be as small as possible. This will stop smaller kids from squeezing through or balls from slipping out and encouraging the kids to follow.

Our Puppy Panels will keep dogs from getting into the playground and dirtying the area.

Do not forget the gate

While you probably will not forget the gate, it does have standards too.

All gates should be self-closing and self-locking. This will stop kids escaping when you are not looking. The lock and latch should be a minimum height from the ground, to prevent a taller kid from reaching it.

The current minimum height of the latch for a five-year-old and under, is 48 inches.

A gate should also be of the same standards in construction and materials as the fence.

Maintenance is vital for playground fencing

Your playground fence will last many years, if you care for it.

Draw up a maintenance schedule and stick to it.

Cleaning, repairs, and an annual inspection will keep the fence as good as new.

Ask your fence supply agent for guidance on maintenance.

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