“Who’s best for installing a vinyl privacy fence gate?” a DIY customer of ours asks, by email.

Installing a vinyl privacy gate is not difficult, and we write back to tell them what an easy DIY job it can be. Attached to the email we put a guide, the Masters Guide, to help them with the project.

A lot of DIY enthusiasts do not realize how easy it is to work with vinyl. Even installing a gate is not difficult, and you too can do it, if you follow the guide.

Before writing our Masters Guide, we turned to the in-house experts for their help and advice. The complete guide covers it all from start to finish.

The Masters Guide to installing a vinyl privacy fence gate includes:

  • Choosing the right vinyl privacy fence gate
  • Installing the fence gate posts
  • Attaching the hinges
  • Decide if it is going in or out
  • Remember to keep it off the ground

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Choosing the right vinyl privacy fence gate

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but always choose the right gate to match the fence.

There is nothing worse than a low-quality gate taking away from the style of your fence.

Ask the fence supply company for a few ideas when ordering your fence.

It does not need to be an exact match, and often a bit of contrast will look great on the finished project.

Installing the fence gate posts

We often get a call from clients saying they have nothing to attach a gate to the fence.

Of course when ordering, they forgot to include the fence gate posts.

Get the right ones, and buy them at the same time as your full fence order.

They will need to be secure in the ground, and attaching the fence to them should be the same as the rest of the installation.

Decide if it is going in or out

This is a very important consideration.

Ask at your local building regulations office for advice on the local ordinance. In most areas now a gate will need to open into the yard.

There may also be rules on gate height and width, so check before you start building.

Often there are regulations where you can put a gate, and there are also parts of the yard where a gate is mandatory.

Attaching the hinges

Follow the instructions which come with the gate.

Always use hinges and screws of the highest quality and ones which are suitable for your climate.

Attach them to the gate first and then attach them to the fence gate posts.

When you are happy with how the gate hangs, you can tighten the screws, and your gate is ready.

Remember to keep the vinyl privacy fence gate off the ground

It is not suitable for the vinyl gate to scrape off the ground.

The vinyl will wear away, and it may even cause the gate to fall apart.

Fit the gate, so it is at least a couple of inches off the ground. This way it will open and close easily. If you live in a snow area having the gate off the ground will make it easier to open during the winter.

Usually, the gate design will have it off the ground too.

Looking after your vinyl privacy fence gate

A significant advantage of vinyl is there is very little maintenance.

You will need to wash it after a storm or a dry summer to keep it clean.

Don’t forget to oil the hinges and lock machanism, at least once a year.

The gate will look after itself with a little help from you.

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