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Mistakes happen when building a fence. It is one of those facts of life that are difficult to deny. What is not so difficult is avoiding the common mistakes, the ones you would not make if you stop and think a bit.

At Fence Supply Online we do not get asked a lot about mistakes, but we do get asked about rectifying them. It makes us laugh, because we have all made at least one mistake when building a fence. Even those of us who pride ourselves on our fencing knowledge will admit a mistake or two.

“All right then, what are the most common mistakes made when building a fence?” asked one of the team over coffee recently.

Everyone had a mistake to offer, and we all nodded in agreement with each one. For a bit of fun we ranked them, as we came up with a long list.

Some of the most common mistakes made when building a fence include:

  • Building the fence on a neighbor’s property
  • Not burying the fence posts deep enough
  • The mistake of not building a vinyl fence
  • Forgetting to keep the fence level
  • Buying the wrong tools and accessories

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Building the fence on a neighbor’s property

This mistake happens a lot more often than you may think it does.

The fence builder will install the fence, only to find it strays into the neighbor’s land along the way.

We did have a customer who went a couple of feet into his neighbor’s garden, all the ways along the line.

An expensive mistake to make.

Always check the map before you build the fence. It is also a good idea to check with your neighbor, to see if they agree with your map reading.

Not burying the fence deep enough

A mistake that you should never make, as it may do a lot of damage to the fence.

The rule we give people is to bury them at least one-third the length of the post. It is the only way to ensure the posts stay safe and secure during storms and icy conditions.

You should buy posts long enough for the job.

If you get this one wrong, the posts may not last through the winter.

The mistake of not building a vinyl fence

Many of our customers do not like the idea of vinyl fencing. They have the idea that it is cheap looking and not durable or secure.

Modern vinyl is a top-quality product. It will not crack, buckle, fade, or chalk under pressure from the wind or summer sun.

Vinyl looks great on the property and has many uses. Our customers use it for privacy fencing, ranching, and even for picket fences.

Take a look at vinyl and see all of its benefits.

Forgetting the keep the fence level

This is a problem that happens a lot to first-timers, but it can happen to anyone who is not careful.

Always plan your fence building in advance and have a leveling tool to hand.

Make sure each post is level when it is in the ground and make check too that the posts are the correct distance from each other.

It will quickly become obvious when you forget to keep the fence level, but save yourself time by getting it right from the start.

Buying the wrong tools and accessories

You do not want to be out on a Saturday morning only to find you have the wrong tools for the job.

Our experts will give you an excellent guide to all you need when building a fence.

Vinyl fencing needs a few specialized tools, so order them when ordering the product.

Always charge the batteries the night before and keep a few spare ones just in case.

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