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Is it time to upgrade your wooden fencing?

Does that wooden fencing look tired, in need of care and has definitely seen better days?

If you are nodding in agreement, then you probably have an old wooden fence on the property.

Many of our clients love their wooden fences and will not change, but still, the fence will need an upgrade.

One of those such clients contacted us lately. Their wooden fence predated them on the property, and Mike was looking for a cost-effective upgrade.

“Any ideas?” he asked.

We put the team of experts on the project, and they soon came up with a few ideas. Some of the ideas were simple, time-saving, and cost-effective. Others involved a bit more time and a bit more effort too.

Some of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade wooden fencing include:

  • Power washing can be an option
  • Stain and seal will always make an improvement
  • Repairs can upgrade the wooden fencing
  • Lighting will upgrade wooden fencing
  • Vinyl is a good replacement material

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Power washing can be an option

Your wooden fence will pick up a lot of dirt and dust over the years.

Mold and fungi may take hold too, especially in areas which are prone to damp weather.

A proper power washing can clear away all the debris and stains on a fence.

It may surprise you how well the fence looks when you have the job completed.

Power washing may only be the first step in an upgrade, however.

Stain and seal will always make an improvement

After the power washing is over, and the fence dries, comes the time for an inspection.

The fence may still look a bit untidy and no doubt it will be open to the elements in places.

Now comes the time to stain and seal the wood again.

The stain and seal will soak into the wood and bring out the color once more.

A fence can look like new if you do the job well and use the best products too.

Repairs can upgrade the wooden fencing

A fence will look very tired and down on its luck if there are broken rails and posts.

Take a walk along the wooden fence and find all the damaged parts.

Set about replacing them, and if you need to replace whole sections to improve the look.

A regular maintenance schedule should find any breakages, which is why it is good to have one in place.

Lighting will upgrade wooden fencing

As part of any wooden fence upgrade, consider the addition of a few accessories.

One accessory we love and recommend is solar lighting. These fence post lights are easy to fit and will catch the eye of any visitors to your home.

When you finish the washing, staining and sealing, and repairs, you should top it all off with a few lights.

They slip into the fence post adapters and are ready to use immediately — no need for unsightly wires or the installing of outdoor power sources.

Vinyl is a good replacement material

If you look after your wooden fence, it will last for many years.

Maintenance can become a problem if you do not have the time, or manual work is a bit of a problem.

When it comes to replacing your wooden fence, consider installing a vinyl one.

There is an excellent choice of styles and colors. Modern vinyl is a very robust material too, which will not fade or chalk in the heat of the summer.

With very little maintenance, you will love the vinyl alternative.

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