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Installing a fence to reduce noise pollution is an excellent idea.

Often you may become used to the noise from the street, but reducing it will be a blessing. The right fence will not only reduce noise, but it will also increase your curb appeal.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of calls about fences to reduce noise. Usually, the noise is from heavy traffic, but it can be from a place of work or a school too. The coming and going of automobiles from early morning to late evening is very disturbing.

Reducing the noise can be an easy job.

It’s what we tell our clients who worry about noise pollution. We have a range of fence styles to solve noise problems. You can choose from heights, styles, colors, and materials to suit your tastes and pocket.

We put together a list of some of our top choices.

Included on the list for the right fence to reduce noise are:

  • Vinyl privacy fences are a great choice
  • BLACKline have a range to impress
  • Berms are a great solution for the larger property
  • Maintenance is key

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Vinyl privacy fences are a great choice

The privacy fence is often the last choice for many people. In reality, the privacy fence should be your first port of call.

American factories produce vinyl fences of the highest standards. It does break, crack, or split under impact. If you do have damage to a panel, it is very simple to replace one.

A vinyl privacy fence will block out most noise from the street. It can also stop nosey neighbors from keeping an eye on your business. The privacy fence can block prevailing winds and hide that ugly building down the street from your view.

Vinyl is easy to install and is almost maintenance-free.

You should check with your local Home Owners Association on the laws around privacy fences in your district.

BLACKline have a range to impress

At Fence Supply Online we are proud to carry the BLACKline range of black vinyl privacy fencing.

Their products will not crack or buckle under the summer heat. The vinyl has a unique high-temperature thermoplastic formulation, which prevents the color from fading or chalking. Your new fence will look as good in ten-years-time as it does today.

You can use the BLACKline fencing anywhere on your property.

The styles and quality of the product are worth the investment.

Berms are a great solution for the larger property

Berms may not be everyone’s idea of a fence. Indeed, many people may wonder what a berm is?

In layman terms, a berm is a fence built around your property using soil. The mounds are rounded on top, and you may build one to any required height. People often construct berms when digging drainage ditches or even when clearing land to plant a garden.

A solid berm will reduce any noise problems. You can plant grass or other plants on the berm to keep it stable.

We recommend installing a rail fence such as a split-rail or a two or four rail style at the foot of the berm.

The fence will look great against the berm and keep the kids and pets off it.

Maintenance is key

We cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain a fence.

If you are investing in one to reduce noise on your property, then look after it.

A vinyl fence is almost maintenance-free, but there are bits and pieces to do. You need to check for any storm damage and replace cracked or broken rails and panels. Washing with a power hose will keep the fence clean.

Wooden fences need more care. An annual cleaning and staining will keep them fresh and free of termite damage.

Put a maintenance plan in place and stick to it.

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