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Getting the right fence for your style of home is not as easy as it may sound. People can spend many days and nights thinking about the right fence and still choose the wrong one. If you have a particular style of home, you may want to match it with a stylish fence.

At Fence Supply Online we often get asked about the right fence for the style of home. We know how important the fence is and that it works with the home style. Often fences are in place for practical reasons only, but that does not mean they cannot be stylish at the same time.

We asked our team of experts to help with the problem. They brought the subject up over coffee recently and had a good old discussion on the right fence for the style of home. All the sensible answers went down on paper, and it makes for interesting reading.

Included on the suggestions for the right fence for your style of home are:

  • Modern homes should have a modern fence
  • The rustic look has many options
  • Ranch fences come in many styles
  • Find the balance between practical and stylish

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Modern homes should have a modern fence

It may sound obvious, but often people get this one wrong.

A modern home should keep the style going both inside and outside the building. If you put an old-style wrought iron fence around your modern home, it will look plain wrong. The same can go for the height, style, and even the color of your fence.

A modern home may need a clean, white vinyl fence to complement the décor. The powder-coated modern iron fence may fit the bill too.

Think of the curb appeal and how you want others to see your home and fence.

The rustic look has many options

If your home is in a rural area or it has a lovely rustic look, then match it with the right style of fence.

A cedar split rail wood fence may look just perfect around the boundary. By planting the right trees and shrubs, you can match the home with its surroundings. While wood fences do say rustic like no other, you may be surprised what vinyl and iron fencing has to offer too.

Take a look at your options when choosing your fence.

Ranch fences come in many styles

A ranch-style home will need a ranch style fence. The ranch fence has many practical uses, and keeping livestock and horses under control is an obvious one.

The rail wood fence oozes style and will keep the animals in their paddocks. You can choose a four rail or a two rail, but any option will look great on the property.

Vinyl ranch fencing is becoming popular too. Modern vinyl does not crack, split or lose its color under the summer sun. You will not have problems with termites or damage from rail, snow, or ice. The American-made vinyl we stock will not let you down.

Installing the ranch gate completes the look for your home.

Find the balance between practical and stylish

There is a fine line between getting the balance right, and wrong, with your fence.

A practical one will do all the jobs you want a fence to do. It will keep the animals under control or protect your privacy. You do not need to sacrifice style at the same time.

Matching your fence to your style of home only needs a bit of thinking and some common sense.

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