Improve your pool and hot tub safety with the right iron fence. In most states and districts, it is now mandatory to have a fence around your pool and hot tub. It is too easy for a little one to fall in when you are not around to keep an eye on the area.

At Fence Supply Online we get questions all year around about improving pool and hot tub safety. We know the right fence is the solution, and iron fencing is proving to be an excellent choice. There are so many choices in pool and hot tub fencing, but iron gives plenty of reasons to go for it.

We put the question to some of our fencing experts over coffee one morning. They each had an opinion on the right iron fence for pool and hot tub safety. The best answers appeared on a list, and we put some of them into a post.

Included on the list of the right iron fence for pool and hot tub safety is:

  • Ornamental iron fencing for your pool safety
  • Do not forget a gate for extra security
  • Add some accessories to the iron fence
  • Maintenance of the iron fence is vital

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Ornamental iron fencing for your pool safety

Modern iron fencing is a bit different from some of the older examples you may see around grand homes and buildings.

The modern ornamental iron fencing is powder-coated to protect from rusting. The iron is powder-coated at the factory in a process where the protective layer is attached seamlessly. You can choose a color you like or go with the always impressive black. The powder-coating does not chip or crack easily and protects the fence against all types of weather.

The design of the ornamental iron fencing says security, safety, and style all in one. The vertical rails are impossible to squeeze through, and you can choose from heights up to eight-foot.

Kids will not be climbing over or under the rustproof, ornamental iron fence.

Do not forget a gate for extra security

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the same is true with an iron fence.

If you put the wrong type of gate into the ornamental iron fence around the pool, you will be asking for trouble. The gate should be self-closing as well as self-locking. This way the kids can only get in, or out, when you say so.

Handles and locks on the gate should be above the reach height of a small child too.

Add some accessories to the fence

We love accessories at Fence Supply Online. They add so much to a fence and are very easy to install as well.

Solar-powered lighting is a perfect example of how much difference an accessory will make to the fence. It can fit onto any fence post, and there is not any need for ugly or dangerous wiring around the pool area. The lighting will get its power from the sun and make the area visible to you throughout the night.

You can find styles to suit any décor taste for your pool and hot tub area.

Maintenance of the iron fence is vital

All fencing types need maintenance, and it is not any different with an iron one.

Luckily the maintenance will not take up too much of your time. Regular cleaning with the garden hose will take dirt away. Inspections for loose rails or posts make sure there are not any weak spots. You should also look for signs of rust, if the powder-coating gets damaged.

Keeping on top of maintenance will give your fence a long life.

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