Right side of fence

“Give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, don’t fence me in,” are words we all know well.

Unfortunately, our days of wandering are over, and the time has come for building fences.

Good fences make good neighbors is another old saying, but one which is still very true.

When building a fence on the boundary, you need to follow specific rules. Some of these rules are the law of the land while others are just the ones of proper etiquette.

One of our customers is building a new fence on his boundary and joked about taking the right side for him. This got us thinking about fence etiquette and the thorny question of who gets the right side of the fence. Our expert opinions in the office came up with a few suggestions, and we put them into a post.

A guide to who gets the right side of the fence includes:

  • Talk to your neighbor before putting up the fence
  • Check on the boundary too
  • Good manners mean giving them the right side
  • Choose a fence without a right side
  • Maintain the fence for good relations

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Talk to your neighbor before putting up the fence

It is always good to talk, and asking your neighbor’s opinion on a boundary fence is vital.

They may have suggestions on style, height, and design, which can only be a positive.

The last thing you need is for the neighbor to object to your fence after the installation. There are also other items to agree, such as maintenance and costs.

Give your neighbor a call; it will save time, money, and maintain good relations.

Check on the boundary too

We often hear of situations where a boundary fence goes up in the wrong place.

Either you cede land to the neighbor or worse you infringe on their property. Fixing the problem of missing the boundary line may cost a lot of money; we know of cases which end up in legal tangles.

Get an accurate boundary map from the local county or district office.

Show it to your neighbors and agree on an exact boundary line, before you begin construction.

Good manners mean giving them the right side

There is not any getting around it. The policy is and always will be that you give the neighbors the right side of the fence.

It is only proper etiquette. It may mean that you get to look at the posts and back of the rails, but that is the choice when putting up a fence.

You can get around the problem by planting shrubs and trees against the fence or painting it your favorite colors.

With the right side facing outwards, your property will look better to passersby.

A positive for you.

Choosing a fence without a right side

Surely there’s a right side and wrong side to everything in life?

This is normally so but not always with fencing.

When erecting a privacy fence, you can invest in a ‘good neighbor fence’ to solve the problem.

Such a fence is identical on both sides and will look great facing your garden and the neighbor’s one.

Maintain the fence for good relations.

Once a fence goes up along the boundary line you need to decide on a maintenance plan.

In most districts the maintenance costs are shared between neighbors.; this way there is little disagreement.

When you agree on costs, the two neighbors must maintain their side of the fence.

Keeping a fence in good order is vital to giving it a long life.

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