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The safest pool fencing will give you and the family a far safer summer. In most districts today the pool fence is mandatory and the better the fence, the safer the area. Having a safe pool fence can save lives. For peace of mind, go with the best and make your pool a fun space this summer.

At Fence Supply Online, clients are always asking about pool fences. Some people think they do not need one, and they are wrong. Others know the need and seek advice on how to buy and install the safest one.

We had a look at the options and came up with a lot of pool fence ideas. You may want to design your own pool fence but take our safety tips onboard too. To help you come to the right decision, we put the best tips down on a list.

Included on the list of the safest pool fencing ideas for a safer summer are:

  • Vinyl pool fencing fits the bill
  • Aluminum fencing is good for the pool
  • Do not forget the pool fence gate
  • Add lighting for the early evenings

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Vinyl pool fencing fits the bill

With a pool fence you need material that will not rot with all the moisture in the air and water splashing around on the floor.

Vinyl pool fencing is a perfect option.

Modern vinyl fencing is very durable and very low maintenance. It does not rot, deteriorate, or attract mold and mildew. Vinyl will not crack, split, or break easily.

If you want a fence you can rely on, then vinyl is the only answer. You can choose from different styles of vinyl privacy fencing.

The privacy fence keeps the area safe for the family to have their fun and games.

Aluminum fencing is good for the pool

Aluminum is excellent around water. It will not rust or rot, and kids will not be able to climb over or break the aluminum fence.

The right height of fence will make the pool area easy for you to control. The rails of the aluminum fence are close together and impossible for a young child to squeeze through.

You may pay more for aluminum, but it will serve you well for many years.

Do not forget the pool fence gate

The pool fence is only as good as the weakest part of it.

With a pool fence the weakest part is often the gate. If you choose the wrong one, then the pool could become very unsafe for kids. The gate should have a self-closing mechanism, so it will never be left open. It should also be self-locking, allowing you to control who goes in and out.

The handle for the gate should be above the reach of most young children.

All parts of the gate must be rust-proof too.

Add lighting for early evenings

When it gets dark in the early evening, you need to make the pool safe.

Installing solar-powered lighting will illuminate the pool area. It is quick and easy to install, and there are no electric cables to fall over.

Choose from our wide range of solar lighting to fit onto your pool fence posts.

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Make it a safer summer for the family.

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