Are you on the lookout for cat proof fencing?

Is Mittens next door coming in and digging up the beds around the shrubs? Or is the kids’ favorite feline is always getting out on the street?

Keeping animals big and small in, or out, is a vital function of any fence and some folks put up a fence in the yard for that reason alone.

What is the ultimate in cat-proof fencing? How can you keep the yard clean or the family pet safe from passing traffic?

A good list of pointers for any good animal-friendly fence would include:

  • Puppy Panels are for cats too
  • The time might be right for a privacy fence
  • Shadow box works too
  • Cats can jump, climb and wriggle through most fences

Puppy Panels are for cats too

An iron or aluminum fence is a good start for keeping cats under control.

The smooth surface and straight lines of the metal make it difficult for cats to climb over the fence.

They can slide through the bars, however, and that silky fur seems to help them on their way.

Puppy Panels can be an excellent way to keep cats in or out of your yard.

They come in 3 foot or 4-foot lengths, and you can combine them along the fence to build a formidable grill-like barrier to keep your pet safe.

The panels come with screws and brackets to attach to the fence , as well as UV ties to secure them at intervals to the rails.

A Puppy Panel looks a lot better than chicken wire, and the clever cat can’t pull one off the fence.

The time might be right for a privacy fence

We often hear clients say they don’t want a privacy fence as they make the yard look like a fortress.

Well, you can get privacy fences in different panel sizes, height and design, which keep the light and fresh air flowing into the yard.

What a privacy fence does do is make it very difficult for a cat, dog or any local wildlife to get in or out of the property.

You can let the family cat out, and it can relax in the garden without feeling the need to wander off.

A vinyl privacy fence is tough for a cat to climb over.

Remember to keep anything a cat can climb on, such as trees or sheds, away from the fence.

Shadow box works too

If a privacy fence is not to your liking, how about a traditional shadow box fence?

These beautifully designed wooden fences look great in a garden, and they are a wonderful barrier for keeping cats in or out.

The picket rails on one side are counter-matched by the rails on the other one, to block any gaps in the fence.

The finish gives the impression of a fully closed fence.

Along with privacy you will also stop the cat, or the kids from running out on the street.

Cats can jump, climb and wriggle through most fences

Remember cats are great climbers, and with their sharp claws, they can get over most fences with a bit of a run and jump.

If there is a tree growing next to the fence or a shed or even decking, they will use it as a platform to make the great escape.

Cats too seem to be able to wriggle through almost any gap and they are great at finding one.

Constant maintenance of your fence is crucial to keeping it cat proof.

Make sure you do a regular check for loose panels or gaps in the structure.

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