A barbed wire fence can cause many problems. The obvious one is how an animal or child can get caught in the sharp barbs. Often there is not any need for one in the first place, and indeed it can be dangerous in the wrong location.

In many states and districts, there are local laws against the use of a barbed wire fence. If you are thinking of installing one, it is a good idea to check with your regional government offices. At Fence Supply Online we get calls about barbed wire fences and their applications. We do not stock barbed wire fences but we do know where one is, or is not, appropriate. Only recently we got a few calls about them and the subject came up later over morning coffee. Suggestions came from all around the table and we put them down on a list.

Our list of the wrong applications for a barbed wire fence include:

  • Barbed wire fences are not suitable for horses
  • You should not have one around children
  • Do not use it for pet control
  • Border fencing is also a no-no
  • Vinyl fencing gives you better options

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Barbed wire fences are not suitable for horses

Horses love to run around the paddock, galloping here and there, and skirting close to the fence.

They also love to put their heads over the fence and eat the fresh grass on the other side.

Barbed wire fences are not suitable for horses. They can easily catch their skin on the barbs and do themselves a lot of damage. Often we hear of horses crashing into a barbed wire fence and getting entangled on the barbs. There is a high risk of serious injury to the animal.

Only use post and rail fencing when keeping horses.

You should not have one around children

Children can be like horses when it comes to playing outside. They love to crash off each other, climb fences, and see what’s on the other side.

Severe injury will happen to a child if they get entangled. Your child may need a visit to the Emergency Room as a result of a collision with a barbed wire fence.

Often trying to get the child out of the wire only makes the injuries worse.

Vinyl fencing is the better answer for when you have kids on the property.

Do not use it for pet control

If your dog keeps running away, then a barbed wire fence is not the solution.

More than likely, the poor pet will get entangled in the barbs, doing themselves serious damage. If the dog tries to burrow through or jump over the results can be tragic.

It may look secure, but it will not keep your pets safe.

Try using our Puppy Panels along the foot of the fence to keep the pets under control.

Border fencing is also a no-no

Barbed wire fencing only helps to keep the border secure in a war zone.

You do not need to erect one on the border between you and your neighbors. Indeed it more than likely is illegal to do so, and you may land yourself in front of a judge.

The barbed wire fence is an ugly border fence and could do serious harm to you, your family, and your neighbors too.

A vinyl privacy fence will do the job if you want to keep your neighbors out of the back yard.

Always check with the neighbors when planning a fence on the property boundary.

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