How to choose the perfect fence panel is a question on most homeowners’ minds. Fence panels are small slates of any particular material fixed horizontally or vertically with small spaces between them for visibility. Fence panels of course are available in a variety of materials. Many homeowners choose wrought iron fences for their elegance and durability, among other benefits. The following are a few basic tips to help you select the right wrought iron fence panels.

Consider the Size

Once you have determined the material for the fences, you now have to measure the width. Depending on your aesthetic requirements and the type of property you have, there is a range of widths that you can choose from. Usually, fence panel width ranges from 6 feet to 10 feet. Height is another major consideration. Fence panels can range from 3 feet to over 8 feet. All depends on the size of your garden. Larger panels provide greater depth to the area they cover.

Consider the Number of Panels to be Used

Assuming that you are using panels having a width of 8 feet wide, use this figure to determine the number of panels and posts you need. Divide the distance of your fence area (let’s say 48 feet long) by the width of the panel. In our scenario, you need 48ft / 8ft sections = 6 panels. Consequently, you will need 7 posts including the first one of the run.

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Consider the Maintenance Requirements

Different types of fence panels have different maintenance requirements. Wood and metal posts need intensive maintenance to keep them from negative factors like water damage, insects, scratches and rust. Wrought iron fences, on the other hand, require low maintenance like vinyl fences. Only basic cleaning methods are required to keep wrought iron fence panels in good condition. This is one of the major reasons why people go for wrought iron fences.

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Consider the Costs

Finally, you have to consider the financial factor as well. Firstly, there is the cost of the material itself. Certain types of wrought iron are more expensive than others. However, what makes this material a favorable choice is the value it adds to your property. Wrought iron fence panels improve the curb appeal of any property which is a major factor if you are planning to resell it. Even if you’re not selling now, it will add a premium to the price whenever you sell in the future. Wrought iron also adds elegance and beauty to your home. And as already stated, wrought iron is budget friendly when it comes to maintenance costs.

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Apart from the material, the total cost will also be determined by the number of panels and posts to be used, which as we discussed depends on the size of your garden. Another financial consideration is landscaping, i.e. you will have to see whether your existing space can accommodate individual panels or not. If the area requires landscaping or the ground needs leveling, or if any obstructions (like trees) need to be removed, then all this will add to the installation costs.

So there you go, now you know how to select the best wrought fence panels for your home.