Vinyl fence materials are quickly becoming the most popular alternative to wood rail or picket fences. While vinyl fence supplies may cost more at the onset of installing, they actually end up making back that money over time. It lasts much longer than wood fencing, and it requires next to no maintenance. With a wooden fence, that is sadly not the case. 

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If you plan to install a fence on your own, be aware that it can be a multiple day job and will require at least two people to do so. You will need certain vinyl fence materials, such as concrete to hold your posts, which takes time to harden and set before you can continue the installation. Here are the supplies you may need:

  • Vinyl Fence panels
  • Fence posts
  • Fence rail brackets for attaching to walls
  • Vinyl post accessories and caps
  • Mason String
  • 2x4s (cut off short pieces are fine)
  • Concrete mix
  • Ground stakes
  • Notching tool
  • Rail Remover tool


Here is an example of a Vinyl Privacy panel install.

In addition to those vinyl fence supplies, you will also need a number of tools. These include a small sledgehammer, tape measure, drill, hammer, level, and posthole digger. Before you decide to build a fence on your own, be sure you’re comfortable with these tools as you will be gaining lots of experience with them in a short period of time, if not.

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Before installing your fence, you should talk with your neighbors if they have property along the fence line, just to ensure you’re building on your property. You should also check for easements in your deed, which can limit the location and design of your fence. You should also check with local utility providers and research zoning laws before putting your plan into effect. In Texas, you can call the 811 service to locate all buried lines.

Installing a fence can be a lot of work, depending on the conditions, and there’s nothing wrong with choosing a contractor to take care of the labor for you. Simply ask for a Labor Only quote and determine which is best. Just determine what method is best for your needs and go for it!

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