Need to fence around your home? Looking for a fencing solution for a pasture area, or along the roadway? If so, you have plenty of choices available, but one of the best might just be three rail wood round rail fencing. Not sure why this may be a great choice for your needs? Let’s learn a bit more about it.

Round rail wood fence

First off, three rail wood round rail fencing is very eye-catching. It’s one of the most iconic styles of fencing still in use today and can work well with everything from actual ranches to single-family homes that need a bit of aesthetic improvement.

Three rail wood round rail fencing is also made from pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine. That guarantees a lifespan measured in decades, not years, so you get access to a cost-effective solution that will last a long time.

We offer both ACQ treatment and CopperNap with a 25yr warranty!

3 rail with domed post

You’ll find that three rail wood round rail fencing is also a good option for more than just decorative purposes. It can work well with property owners who have livestock, including horses and sheep. Because the third rail is closer to the ground than with two rail fences, smaller animals can be fenced in, as well. Of course, the bottom rail does not touch the ground, so trimming the grass below it is not a problem.

When everything is said and done, three rail wood round rail fencing is an excellent option that will look great for decades to come. These fences are very strong, very durable, and give your home the look that you want. Equally well suited for single family homes and working properties, round rail fencing is an iconic option to suit your needs. However, for the best quality, make sure you work with a reputable fencing supplier.

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