Post caps are essential for your fence.

Not only do they finish the look of the fence, but they offer vital protection to wooden posts. Without caps the posts would be vulnerable to rot, termites and weather problems. For vinyl fences they add the finishing touch to the project.

“What about the post caps?” one of our sales team said to a client, when they were planning an upgrade to their fence recently.

“Why would I need new post caps?” was the answer.

The story came up over coffee later that morning. We all agreed on vinyl post caps as the way of the future. Unfortunately older post caps need to go, and all upgrades should be to vinyl. To get a better idea we started a list of vinyl post cap advantages. Now we have answers to that question of ‘why new post caps?’

Top reasons for upgrading to vinyl post caps are:

  • Post caps do a vital job
  • Wood post caps offer little protection
  • There’s a great range of vinyl post cap styles
  • Vinyl post caps will last
  • It is easy to replace the old ones
  • Maintenance is easy with vinyl

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Post caps do a vital job

It surprises us how many people do not have caps on their fence posts.

The truth is that post caps to a vital job. They protect the wooden post from the effects of weather as well as termites and rot.

For a vinyl fence they add the final touch; a look of completion you can only appreciate when they are in place.

When ordering a new fence, do not forget to order your post caps too.

Wood caps offer little protection

Maybe you have wooden post caps already in place but now is the time to replace them with vinyl ones.

Wood caps can crack or split easily, allowing rain and moisture into the post.  Also they do not fit tightly to the post and offer little protection to the wood below.

Changing from wood to vinyl will extend the life of your fence, while making it look great too.

Great range of vinyl post cap styles

If you are changing to vinyl post caps, the vast range available will surprise you. Even if you have a vinyl fence you should take a look at some of the newer caps.

We offer styles to suit every taste and garden design scheme.

At Fence Supply Online we also offer lighting which will fit onto your posts. Our lights come in solar and LED options and add a touch of elegance to the fence.

Upgrading to vinyl post caps will make a big difference to your fence.

Vinyl post caps will last

A great benefit of vinyl is its durability.

The product will last for a long time, and it is not vulnerable to weather, termites or the effects of rot.

It will not break under pressure, and modern vinyl does not chalk, fade or buckle with the summer sun.

Vinyl has come a long way and will serve you for many, many years.

It is easy to replace the old ones

Replacing the old post caps is not a big job.

The new post caps fit easily into post cap adapters. These adapters will go onto any existing post, and you clip in the new caps.

We recommend you treat the top of wooden posts before fitting the adapters.

Depending on the size of your fence, you can get the job done quickly.

Maintenance is simple with vinyl

Along with it lasting many years, the vinyl is also simple to maintain.

There is not any need to paint, stain, or treat your vinyl post caps.

A quick wipe with a damp cloth will keep them clean.

You can pop out and replace damaged caps.

Simple maintenance makes looking after your fence less of a chore.

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Vinyl post caps are an easy upgrade to install.

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