“Any tips on sprucing up the old vinyl fence?” asked a caller only last week.

We know the fence, and it’s not that old, we only sold it to the client last spring, but we know where they are going with the question.

“Well Stu,” our expert said, “we may have a few ideas for making it look a bit more decorative.”

At Fence Supply Online we love clients calling in with questions, especially when we have a few answers ready in reply.

As we get a lot of questions about decorative vinyl fencing, we have a lot of answers to hand. The sheet with the decorative tips makes interesting ready. So much so that we put it into this post as a guide for all our customers.

Tips for adding vinyl fence decorations include:

  • Try a few fence post cap styles
  • Lighting is very decorative on vinyl fencing
  • Growing plants is an easy one
  • Lattice or picket tops are a good idea with vinyl fencing
  • Putting in a gate will make a difference

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Try a few fence post caps styles

A vinyl fence, indeed any fence, can look bare without post caps.

They are vinyl fence decorations that you can see what you were missing, only when you add them.

At Fence Supply Online we stock a wide range of fence post caps.

The Gothic style is always very popular, and we offer differing sizes.

The pyramid styles look good on long lengths of fencing.

Our Coachman fence post cap is something a bit unusual, to catch the eye.

Lighting is a very good option for decorative vinyl fencing

Have you considered adding a few lights to the garden area?

They will obviously brighten the area, but the fence light also gives a decorative accent to the layout.

All of our lighting accessories can come in solar form, meaning you do not need to run any unsightly wires in the garden. They are also cheap to run, taking power from the sun’s rays.

We also have some very decorative styles for the vinyl fence.

The stained-glass Wellington solar post cap is a good example of quality in style.

Not every post needs a light, but end ones look great when lit up at night.

Growing plants is an easy one

A colorful plant will give a very decorative accent to the vinyl fence.

The privacy fence can look bare, but the vine trained to grow up and along it will only add style.

A raised bed along the foot of a fence is also a good option.

It can be an ideal place for growing shrubs, flowers, and trees. Some of our clients run a produce garden for the kitchen in their raised beds.

Choose bright colors and plenty of year-round green when using plants as vinyl fence decorations.

Lattice or picket tops are a good idea with decorative vinyl fencing

You know the way a vinyl privacy fence can seem to loom over the yard?

It can also block out much-needed light, and the breeze your garden needs to stay fresh.

At Fence Supply Online we have lattice or picket tops to go along the rim of privacy fence.

It can keep your garden from feeling like a prison yard, while keeping the neighbor’s eyes out of your business.

Putting in a gate can make a difference

Some people are surprised when we suggest adding gates as vinyl fence decorations.

Gates come in a wide array of styles and sizes, and it will surprise you the difference one can make.

Putting an arch over the gate will definitely add a lovely decorative touch to the vinyl fence.

In most districts there are laws to govern gates in fences, so check the regulations first.

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