“I want just the perfect arbor for the front garden,” says the caller.

She’s contacting Fence Supply Online as the family is moving to a new home, one with plenty of yard out front and back. They want to make the most of the space, and install plenty of garden jewelry. An arbor is a priority, and the caller wants ideas on the best styles available.

Luckily for her, she called to the right place.

“Well, we have a lot of arbor styles,” is the reply from our expert, “let us take a look and see which one suits you the best.”

After a lot of talking and questions, the two decided on the perfect arbor for her front garden. Later in the morning the Fence Supply Online experts were having a coffee when the subject came up again. We all had our favorite tips, and arbor styles, and so we put together a few of the best ones.

On our list of tips for choosing the perfect arbor style are:

  • Take a walk around the garden first
  • The Nantucket arbor range is popular
  • Keep maintenance to a minimum
  • Match the arbor to your fence
  • Do you want an arched or a pergola style?

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Take a walk around the garden first

Always know what you are working with before making any decision.

All the great artists  started with a clean canvas, and so you should get an idea of the layout of your garden before choosing the arbor.

Take a look at where the shrubs are and where you want to add color. Is the lawn a bit bare, and would a path with an arbor make all the difference?

The entrance is often the best place for an arbor, so have a look at the garden from the gate.

The perfect arbor style will match with your garden, and taking a walk will get it right in your head.

The Nantucket arbor range is popular

All of our arbors are popular, across the range of styles.

The Nantucket range is an excellent example of what clients are looking for in an arbor.

It is tall and elegant. There is a lot of architectural detail in the design, and the three-dimensional lattice is perfect for growing vines and shrubs.

The Nantucket arbor is a good style to look at when getting ideas of what is possible.

Keep maintenance to a minimum

We get a lot of people who turn their noses up at the idea of an arbor.

“Too much trouble,” they say, “all that maintenance and looking after it would make an arbor the last thing we want in the yard.”

With vinyl arbors maintenance is a thing of the past. The modern vinyl manufacturing process produces an arbor that is durable and maintenance-free. It will not rot or attract mold and mildew in the wet weather. The colors will not fade in the summer sun and neither will the vinyl crack or buckle. The impact inhibitors mean the arbor will withstand the winter winds and heavy snowfalls. Washing the arbor down with the garden hose is the most maintenace you will need to do.

The perfect arbor is maintenance-free and vinyl is the ideal solution.

Match the arbor to your fence

If you already have a fence in the yard, try matching the arbor to the style of it.

They can complement each other and add so much to the look of your garden.

Often people choose a fence and arbor at the same time, getting the match right from the start.

A picket fence with an arbor at the entrance makes for a beautiful focal point in the front yard.

An arched or pergola arbor?

This is a more personal choice.

Both styles are popular, and there is little difference in what they add to the garden.

You can grow vines and shrubs up the sides and across the top of both the pergola and arched arbor.

You may have to make your own mind up on this one.

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