An arbor is the perfect addition to your yard.

In the summertime you can grow flowering vines and roses through the rails. Come the fall you can decorate the arbor in Halloween color, and by Christmas you can light it up like a wonderland scene. Arbors come in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your yard.

“Have you much of a choice in arbors?” a caller to Fence Supply Online asked recently. The couple were planning a makeover for the garden and had an idea of a design in their heads.

“How long have you got?” was our answer, but we quickly came up with a few options.

This got us thinking. How about drawing up tips for choosing arbor styles? Over morning coffee we decided on a few pointers and put them into this post.

Our top tips for choosing the perfect arbor style include:

  • Put a plan together first
  • A curved arch or a flat top?
  • Nantucket style is always a popular arbor choice
  • A Newport arbor catches the eye
  • The Fairfield Deluxe completes a garden

Let’s take a closer look at each tip.

Put a plan together first

It is always a good idea to have a plan of action.

If you put an arbor in the garden without it matching a design, the arbor will stand out like a sore thumb.

Draw up a garden design to suit your yard. Work out where you want to put the arbor, what will grow around it and the style of fence you like too.

An arbor is usually in place of a gate, so build the structure into your fence design from day one.

When you know where it is going, then plan on choosing the perfect arbor.

A curved arch or a flat top?

This is a question not everyone considers until they see the options.

The standard view of an arbor is the curved arch, but flat-topped ones are also trendy.

It is easy to grow vines along the flat top of one, which may fit with your garden design.

The curved arch is ideal for having two plants meet in the middle, such as white and red roses.

It really is a personal decision but make it before you purchase.

Nantucket style is always a popular arbor choice

After you decide on the design, comes the time for going with a particular style.

We find the Nantucket arbor, a classic style, is still as popular as ever.

The Nantucket Legacy has beautiful architectural detail. The three-dimensional lattice is a terrific feature that helps plants and vines take hold on the structure. The Nantucket Deluxe features English style latticing and a span of more than four feet; plenty of room for your garden.

You get the look of wood, but the arbor is of vinyl. The high-quality manufacturing process gives you a feature that will not fade, is maintenance-free and virtually weather-proof.

A Newport arbor catches the eye

A slightly different style from that of the Nantucket arbor.

The flat-top design, almost like a Japanese garden structure, allows flowering vines to hang over the entrance area. With the wide side lattices you will get plenty of growing room, and they give a solid feel to the arbor.

The Newport is of vinyl which is very durable and you will never need to paint, seal or stain the structure.

The Fairfield Deluxe finishes the garden

Are you looking for a signature piece to complete the look of the yard?

The Fairfield Deluxe does this and more besides. An imposing arbor with a flat top and curved lattice panels, you will be making a statement with this feature as part of your garden fence.

Like all of our arbors, it is made of vinyl, which is almost maintenance-free and built to last.

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