If you have a pool then you should have a pool fence.

A pool fence is mandatory in many areas; you could go with just a cover but you are still not keeping the pool safe when the cover is off.

Mandatory or not it makes sense to install a pool fence when kids are around. If you don’t have kids they could be coming in the future or what about when you’ll have the grandkids for the day?

The problem with installing a safe, kid-proof mesh fabric fence is securing it into the existing paving.

Make the job easier when installing a pool fence over paving by following these tips:

  1. Measure The Area Around The Pool
  2. Use Sleeves if possible
  3. Mark The Spots
  4. Drill The Holes
  5. Install The Sleeves
  6. Draw A Plan
  7. Install The Fence

Let’s take a closer look at these tips.

Measure The Area Around The Pool

Measure the perimeter of your pool, before you do anything.

You will need to know how much fencing to buy and where it will go.

Don’t try guessing as you will only end up with too much or too little product.

 Draw A Plan

Draw a rough outline of the pool when you are at the planning stage.

Unless you are very lucky you will not get the individual lengths of fence to match exactly the perimeter of the pool.

There will be places where you will need to cut a length of fence to fill the gap between a full length and a corner post.

If you are capable of doing this it won’t be a problem, but your fencing supplier should be able to help you here too.

Sort this before you begin, otherwise, it will delay the project.

Use Sleeves if possible

Sleeves come standard with many mesh style temporary fences. These are the kind you can pull out of the deck and literally roll up.

One thing to look out for is that the pool fence comes with ‘sleeves’ to hold the fence posts in place.

It may seem obvious but many people get this step wrong.

The sleeves will go directly into the holes you are going to drill into your paving.

Ask your fencing supply company for guidance on the best pool fence available.

We supply the pool fencing and the advice you will need to do an excellent job.

Mark The Spots

Speaking of drilling holes, you are going to need your measuring tape again.

Measure the length of a fence section.

Starting at one corner of the pool measure one fence length, out along where the fence is going to go and at the correct distance from the pool. Mark this spot and don’t forget to mark the spot on the corner from where you set off.

Repeat around the perimeter of the pool, until you get to where you are installing the gate.

The next length will match the width of your gate.

Mark the next gate post spot and carry on as before.

Drill The Holes

On with the safety goggles.

Using the appropriate drill bit, drill each hole in the spots as marked.

A good tip here is to measure the length of the sleeve, then mark it on your drill bit with a piece of tape.

By doing this you will only drill as deep as you need into the paving.

Install The Sleeves

When you have all the holes drilled you can install the sleeves.

Using a rubber mallet knock them down into the hole, making sure there is not any sticking out over the paving stone.

After they’re all in place get your garden hose and flush out each sleeve, in case there is sand or grit blocking it.

You are ready to put up the fence.

Erect The Fence

With all the sleeves in place and all the lengths of fence cut to size, you may begin to install your pool fence.

Do the job slowly and make sure each post fits tightly and securely in the sleeves.

When finished, clean up around the pool area, put away all those tools and stand back to admire your work.

Ask Us

Installing a fence on any surface can be tricky so always ask us before you begin a project.

Call us today for advice and we will be only too happy to help you.

At www.fencesupplyonline.com we can give you a great quote on pool fencing and maybe solve a few problems before they arise