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Regular fence inspections are essential for the proper maintenance of your fence. They are the best way to protect your investment. It is only by doing regular inspections will you spot the small problems, before they grow into big ones.

At Fence Supply Online we get clients asking all the time about fence care. The best day to start caring for your fence is the day you install it on the property. People look at us with a bit of a surprised expression on their faces when we tell them. ‘Surely,’ they say, ‘there is nothing to do on day one?’ The answer is that on day one, you need to plan the annual maintenance for the fence.

Start as you mean to go on is the motto.

We asked our experts to give us a list of tips for regular fence inspections. They came back with a long list, and we took the best ones for this post.

Included on the list of tips for regular fence inspections are:

  • Look for the weak spots on a wood fence inspection
  • Inspections on an iron fence should look for rust
  • Check the posts on all fence inspections

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Look for the weak spots on a wood fence inspection

A wood fence inspection may take time, as there are a few essential checks to do. There are a number of enemies of the wood fence, and you need to keep an eye out for them.

Termites can get into a fence and eat away at the wood from the center. The sooner you treat for termites and other insects, the better. Look for the telltale signs such as little clumps of dust on the wood left by the burrowing termites. You may also find tiny sawdust piles on the grass or dirt.

Look too for signs of weathering. These can be spots of the wood drying out after a hot summer. The wood may also go soft in places due to rot after a cold, wet winter.

Always schedule regular staining and sealing of the fence to protect it.

Inspections on an iron fence should look for rust

Rust is the big danger to an iron fence. The iron usually comes powder-coated to protect against rust, but chipping of the coating can do damage to it.

Rust can appear like bubbles on the surface of the iron. Often where the kids play or climb on the iron fence is where rust develops. Look too under the rails or where they meet the posts.

Rust sometimes develops under the paint, so run your hands over it to find any weak spots.

Check the posts on all fence inspections

What happens beneath the surface is not always visible to the eye. Soil erosion or movement due to ice and freezing conditions can cause a fence post to become unstable. An untreated wooden post will rot when in the ground for a while.

Check all the posts. Push and pull them to see if they are securely in place.

Look for cracks and splits in the post too.

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