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Removing stains and paints from vinyl fencing is easy, when you know how to do it.

At Fence Supply Online we know the benefits of vinyl fencing. It is durable, almost maintenance-free and does not suffer the ill-effects of weather. Modern vinyl fencing products do not fade, chalk or buckle under the heat of the sun. Impact inhibitors make vinyl a very tough product and you will find it in every style of fencing. On top of all these benefits, vinyl is also an American product, made in the USA in factories across the land.

One of our vinyl fencing clients called recently with a common enough query:

“How about cleaning the vinyl fence?” he asked.

Without skipping a breath, our expert listed off the best methods for how to clean vinyl fencing. Among the top tips for how to clean vinyl fencing are:

  • Cleaning vinyl fencing with dish detergent
  • Tougher stains and paint may need more work
  • Mineral spirits for older stains
  • Cleaning vinyl fencing regularly

Let’s take a closer look at each tip.

Cleaning vinyl fencing with dish detergent

Have the kids left their mark on the white vinyl fence? Their usual painting fun or maybe just dirty hands leaving a stain?

A lot of stains, including paint, will come off quickly if you tackle them as soon as possible.

For the new stains, try using a solution of dish detergent. Dilute about half a cup of dish detergent in warm water and mix it well. Using a soft cloth, just wipe away the stains, and maybe put a bit of pressure on to get them all off the fence.

Wash the fence afterward with a garden hose to take away any residue.

If the stains persist you may need to move up a step.

Tougher stains and paint may need some work

When you find the stains that are a bit more resistant, you will need to step up your vinyl stain and fence paint removal game.

Food, mold and algae in sheltered spots, and other tough stains will come off using household bleach.

Mix one part of household bleach with five parts of warm water and mix well. Using a non-abrasive scrubbing pad, get to work on the stains. As you get the stains off the vinyl fence, you should wash away any residue, to keep the surface fresh.

Do not scrub too hard and do not use any abrasive products; you do not want to scratch the vinyl surface.

Always wash the fence with a power washer if possible, both before and after using the bleach solution.

Mineral spirits for older stains

Follow the above steps to get down to the tougher stains on the fence.

When the stains, especially the dried-in paint ones, are still not for moving, you may need to bring in the big guns.

Pour a small drop of mineral spirit on a non-abrasive cloth and test it on a hidden part of the vinyl fence. If the vinyl is still okay, then you can tackle the paint and stains.

A plastic scraper may be useful for loosening the surface of the stains, especially paint. Using a small amount of mineral spirit on the non-abrasive cloth get to work on the fence. The stains will slide away to leave you with a clean surface.

If you are unsure about using mineral spirits, then ask your fence supply agent for a recommendation on a commercial cleaning product.

Do not forget to power wash the fence after using cleaning products for vinyl stain removal.

Cleaning vinyl fencing regularly

A fence needs regular cleaning.

Cleaning a vinyl fence is easy; just a regular power wash, once or twice a year, will do the job.

Wipe away any potential stains as soon as you spot them.

Prevention is the best cure for all fencing problems.

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