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Fence accessories turn any garden into a fun summer hangout. They need not cost you the earth, and the DIY work is easy to do. Adding a bit of fun to the backyard with accessories can also add security and safety features. The ones you will appreciate all year round.

At Fence Supply Online we often get people calling about backyard accessories. The funny thing is that many clients call without actually knowing what they have in mind. They know the backyard could do with a bit extra but are not sure actually what is needed. Our selection of backyard accessories usually gives customers plenty from which to choose.

We love recommending accessories for the backyard. A few extras here and there can make all the difference and give the neighbors ideas too. To help our customers with their projects, we put together a small list of bestsellers.

On the list of backyard accessories to make for a fun summer hangout are:

  • Deck lighting is a great accessory
  • Put in pool fencing for safety
  • Security lighting can be fun
  • Garden jewelry will catch the eye

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Deck lighting is a great accessory

Once the sun goes down, many people abandon the deck. The thing is that the deck can be beautiful after dark. People often miss the scents and the warm night air because they go back indoors.

How often do we get calls from people looking to use their deck more at night? A lot more often than you may think is the quick answer.

Fence Supply Online stocks a wide range of lighting accessories, just perfect for the deck. Our fence post solar lights are easy to attach and work throughout the night. The decorative deck lighting styles add something a bit special to the backyard.

Lighting accessories make use of the deck and the backyard.

Put in pool fencing for safety

Do you have a pool but are nervous about the kids using it?

We hear about the problem a lot, but there are solutions. An excellent backyard accessory is a fence around the pool. The right fence gives you control over who goes in and when they can access the pool.

A vinyl pool fence is easy to install. Your investment will not only give you peace of mind, but maintenance costs with vinyl are very low. A self-closing and locking pool gate keeps the area out of bounds until you open it.

The pool fence makes the pool a fun spot in the backyard. Instead of disturbing others or you worrying about small kids falling in, the fence brings back control.

Security lighting can be fun

Security and fun do not always go together.

When you light up the backyard with lighting accessories, you will be adding fun. A brightly lit backyard will allow the kids to play outside later on a summer’s evening. The security lighting will also give you peace of mind in that you can see all that is happening.

We stock a range of security lights which suit every need. Our styles will match your garden design and keep the family safe.

Garden jewelry will catch the eye

Why not install some funky extras around the backyard? Our range of garden jewelry accessories makes the backyard a much more appealing and relaxing place to be.

An arbor in the middle of the lawn looks great when covered in flowers. People often use them as an entrance to invite people into the yard.

Accessories on the backyard fence catch the eye and support flowering vines when taking root.

Take a look at our range for many ideas.

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